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TAP advances with two daily flights to Casablanca and Marrakech to – publico







From July 1, TAP will now connect Lisbon and Casablanca, Morocco, twice a day. The operation to Marrakech is also strengthened, rising to be a daily connection between this city and the Portuguese capital.

Joaquim Miranda, head of TAP for the Moroccan market, made the announcement in the morning Monday, at a press conference in Casablanca, stressing that these changes represent “an overall reinforcement of 80%” in the supply of airline seats to Morocco. In addition to facilitating the links for those seeking the two countries for tourism issues, Joaquim Miranda stressed that the changes announced now will also help “business traffic, as those wishing to go to Lisbon or Oporto can do it and return to Morocco on the same day. “

to Casablanca start to leave Lisbon daily at 16h25 and 22h. On the other hand, the TAP aircraft departing from Morocco to 5:35 a.m. and 18h55.

In the case of Marrakech, the daily flight from Lisbon departs at 11:45 and leaves the Moroccan city at 14:20. André Serpa Soares, spokeswoman for TAP said that for now, there is no change in the air link from Lisbon to Tangier, with three weekly flights, although this operation is “under consideration” as “all routes of TAP” .

in addition to the reinforcement of flights, also the capacity of the aircraft used for the connection to Casablanca will grow, as the company will use the ATR72 aircraft, which can carry 70 passengers, instead of the current ATR42, with capacity for 46 passengers.

for the summer is being prepared a promotional campaign that will accompany these innovations, which, although not yet closed, will allow for “one-way and return flights within 200 euros, “said a spokesman for the TAP.

the announcement comes at a time when doubts remain about what TAP may or may not decide, in terms of operation, after the National Authority decision Civil Aviation (ANAC) last Friday. On Monday it appeared the information that the company’s president, Fernando Pinto, was called urgently to that body.

Asked about possible implications of the regulator’s decision in the announcement this morning, André Serpa Soares does not expressed concern:.. “I have no indication that there are any plans to change we are in the field of operational management TAP, I think it will have no involvement in this matter”

in 2011, about 73,000 Portuguese tourists they arrived in Morocco, but the severe economic crisis of recent years has laid this value, and in 2015 some recovery allowed 63,000 Portuguese they returned to the kingdom in North Africa. The expectation is that with the strengthening of the operation this number may now grow at a rate of 10%.

At the press conference were the Portuguese ambassador in Morocco, Maria Rita Ferro, and the president of the Chamber of Commerce Industry and Services Portugal Morocco, José Maria Teixeira. Both were satisfied with the announcement, although the ambassador leave the challenge for future route between the two capitals (Lisbon-Rabat). Since Jose Maria Teixeira said that “more and more Portuguese companies interested in Morocco”, so said:. “This announcement reflects a degree of flexibility which corresponds to a rise of Portuguese entrepreneurs”

The operation of the TAP to Morocco began in 2008 with six flights a week to Casablanca. Currently there is a daily flight to Casablanca, four weekly flights to Marrakech and three weekly to Tangier.

THE PUBLIC traveled at the invitation of TAP and Tourism of Morocco



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