Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Newspaper stories: Porto Airport with over 37,000 places from summer – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

The Porto airport is still palatable to almost all airlines operating there. According to data from the Chamber of Porto, released on Wednesday, 17 Feveiro, the Jornal de Notícias (JN). There are 11 carriers will strengthen its operation in Francisco Sá Carneiro airport in summer, which represents an increase of supply of 36,700 seats per week. The balance is largely positive, even with the reduced supply of TAP and Sata.

The camera of Porto has strongly criticized the disinvestment that TAP is making the airport located in Aeroporto, the second that It moves more passengers in the country and whose area of ​​influence extends to Galicia. The national airline, which is owned equally by the Atlantic Gateway consortium and the state, recently announced the end of four routes from the Port Milan (Malpensa), Brussels (Zaventem), Barcelona (El Prat) and Rome (Fiumicino ).

This suppression of routes means that there will be a cut of eight thousand seats per week offered by TAP from Porto. Sata also will reduce 1,200 seats. With the addition of 36,700 seats from the summer 11 other airlines, the airport of Porto will win 27,500 seats per week.

EasyJet and Vueling are who reinforces

according to the data released by JN, the booster seats will be achieved mostly through the intensification of companies offer “low-cost”. EasyJet British will be responsible for a 10 thousand seats reinforcement, the Spanish Vueling provides offer six thousand, and the Irish Ryanair will add four million passengers to their weekly supply, as many as Transavia, Dutch operator owned by KLM-Air France.

the German flag carrier, Lufthansa will add 2,800 seats, British Airways will put 2,500 more, and both Aigle Azur as Turkish Airlines providing transport two million passengers from the summer.

According to the newspaper this increase in supply results from the personal effort of the mayor, Rui Moreira. Process source explains the newspaper that thus is guaranteed a way to increase to nine million the number of passengers handled at the airport of Porto, after 8.1 million in 2015.

Strengthening the supply of Ryanair takes just three of the routes that TAP will suppress Brussels (Zaventem, the principal, and Charleroi), Milan (Bergamo, secondary airport) and Barcelona (El Prat main airport)

More. 11 thousand seats to airlift

These figures do not take into account the strengthening of places that will arise with the entry into airlift the operation of the TAP, as of March 27. The company will offer 18 daily flights between Lisbon and Porto, in both directions. The route will be mostly operated using eight ATR aircraft 72, with capacity for 68 passengers and nine Embraer 190, which can carry 110 people.

When demand justifies, the company will also use Airbus aircraft A320, which seats 162 passengers, between Lisbon and Porto. There are 19 aircraft of this model currently held by TAP.

Drawing on an average with the number of seats offered by the ATR 72 and Embraer 190, it concludes that the airlift would represent an increase of 1,602 seats per day on flights departing from Porto and 11,214 seats per week. These figures are naturally higher when they are used Airbus A320 in operation.


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