Friday, February 19, 2016

Isabel dos Santos ensures transparency in the purchase of Efacec – Daily News – Lisbon

Businesswoman reacted by the company to Brussels doubts about the business

The Winterfell, whose capital is held by Niara Holding, controlled by businesswoman Isabel dos Santos, and the National Company Electricity Distribution (ENDE) of Angola, assured today that the purchase of 65% of Efacec result of a transparent process.

“the acquisition a controlling stake in Efacec by the Winterfell corresponded to a transparent and market negotiation process involving the selling shareholders (José de Mello Group and Têxtil Manuel Gonçalves) and a significant number of credit institutions and was conducted in strict compliance with the rules applicable in Portugal and in Angola “, reads the communiqué of the Angolan company.

This is the reaction of the Angolan company to the news released last week on the business, in which it is revealed that the European Commission (EC) has questioned the Portuguese authorities on this specific operation under the European preventing and combating money laundering and terrorist financing legislation.

“in addition to the results of the reports in the media the Winterfell is completely unaware of the existence of any process of analysis, investigation or inquiry in connection with this transaction, whether in Portugal, is the level of the European Commission, “said the Winterfell.

the Angolan society results from a partnership between Haystack Holding, which has the daughter of Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos as an investor, and ENDE.

“the fact that the NSDS is a public entity obliged, according to the rules of Angolan Administrative Law, the strict adherence to a set of procedures and formalities, “said the Winterfell.

” Similarly, the lady engineer Isabel dos Santos is investing in Niara Holding which, according to the various rules and recommendations, including the European Directives led to compliance with a set of rules and procedures (…) in all interactions with credit institutions, auditors, law firms and other entities to which applicable Directive 2015/849 (or rather, Regulation EU 648/2012) “, he said.

the statement stressed that” the Haystack Holding paid in full the shares it holds in Winterfeld, and held 100% equity for the acquisition of its stake in Winterfell and therefore Efacec. On the other hand, ENDE paid the amount corresponding to the shares it holds in Winterfell as its established equity “.

And stressed:” There was no funding from public funds, there were no subsidies from ENDE to Niara Holding, and there was thus financial support of the Angolan State to Niara Holding or any contribution from public funds in favor of Niara Holding. Lest there be any doubt, the lady engineer Isabel dos Santos was not funded directly or indirectly by the Angolan state, or received some form Angolan public funds. “

According to Winterfell,” Isabel dos Santos is a successful businesswoman with recognized merit, relevant business in Angola and Portugal, having created more than 10,000 jobs, and with demonstrated financial capacity that comes from the income from their investments in the private sector and companies acting in a competitive market. “

the company that now controls the majority stake in the Portuguese group also considered that “the Angolan capital inflows in Efacec was essential to financially strengthen the Portuguese company, increase its investment capacity and boost the internationalization strategy “stressing that” Efacec Power Solutions has great relevance of skills to Portuguese engineering and employs about 2,500 workers. “

the Winterfell he stressed that” news such as those that have come to light in recent weeks, giving account insinuations without foundation and which, incidentally, do not try to even allege any facts or less own shares, have no other purpose than tarnish the names of people and entities involved, are promoted by activists as part of a political campaign. ”

He concluded: “it is regrettable that these irresponsible acts of these political activists may cause harm to working families in particular and economies of Angola and Portugal”



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