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Lisbon among the cities with better quality of life – TVI24

The 18 study by Mercer – “Quality of Living 2016″ – revealed that Lisbon continues to be part of the list of cities with better quality of life, a list of 230 cities. However, the Portuguese capital down a place in the table, bucking the trend of improvement in recent years.

The study shows that, despite recent events impacting the security and social stability and economic concerns returning to overshadow the economy, European cities continue to offer the highest levels of quality of life world-level

in the last year increased threats both nationally and globally, as well as migratory movements as a result of violence in certain geographical areas and social instability in a significant number of cities that are major business centers worldwide. These facts join the complex challenge that multinationals face in the safety analysis and living conditions of their expatriate employees’ , says James Borges, head of Talent Area consultant.

Vienna tops the ranking

Vienna remains the city with better quality of life , followed by Zurich, Auckland (New Zealand) and Munich. In turn, the US city with the higher ranking is Vancouver, fifth, wnquanto in the US, San Francisco (28) is in the top position, followed by Boston (34), Honolulu (35) Chicago (43) and New York (44). Since Singapore is the highest ranking Asian city lying in 26th place, while Dhaka (214, Bangladesh) is the worst ..

Despite economic uncertainties, the Western European cities continue to enjoy the highest level of global quality of life, filling seven seats in the top 10. Vienna remains at the top of the ranking, like the last seven rankings. Followed by Zurich (second place), Munich (fourth place), Dusseldorf (sixth place), Frankfurt (seventh place), Geneva (eighth place) and Copenhagen (ninth place).

Lisbon arises ranked in 42nd place in the table, down one place from the previous year. Despite the upward trend that had been observed, the Portuguese capital is positioned immediately above cities like Chicago (43), New York and Tokyo (both 44).

The city of Central Europe Eastern and better positioned is Prague, which appears in 69th place, followed by Ljubljana (76th) and Budapest (77th place). Already Kiev (176), Tirana (179) and Minsk (190) are the cities that were worst positioned in Europe.

The Mexican cities of Monterrey (108) and Mexico City (127th place) are the worst classified as the quality of life in north America.

in South America, Montevideo (78), Buenos Aires (93) and Santiago (94) remain the most highly rated in the ‘ranking’ quality life, while Bogota (130), La Paz (156) and Caracas (185) are the worst.

Dubai (75) continues to be one of the cities best-ranked in terms of quality of life in Africa and the Middle East, followed by Abu Dhabi (81, United Arab Emirates) and Port Louis (83, Mauritius).

Luxembourg is the safest city

the study also reveals personal safety ranking for the entire list of cities, based on internal stability, crime, local law enforcement and the country’s relationship with others. In this area, the table is headed by Luxembourg, followed by Bern, Helsinki and Zurich – all tied for second place.

In turn, Vienna lies fifth, Geneva and Stockholm are both positioned in sixth place, and Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and Nurnberg share 11th place.

According to the study, some key capitals are at levels somewhat low ranking since many suffered terrorist attacks or have undergone social instability in recent years, such as case Paris (71) London (72), Madrid (84) and Athens (124).

recent political and economic turmoil in Greece , which resulted in violent demonstrations in Athens and other cities of the country, shook the security ranking of the same . Kiev (189), St. Petersburg (197) and Moscow (206) are at the lowest levels of personal safety ranking in the region.

With regard to the level of personal safety, Lisbon is in 59th place, lying above cities like Lyon (62), Milan (63) or Barcelona (64).

Abu Dhabi is at the highest level of safety ranking (23rd place), followed by Muscat (29, Oman), Dubai (40) and Port-Louis (59). The least safe cities in the world are Bagdad (230ª position) and Damascus (229ª position).


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