Friday, February 5, 2016

Association of large families regrets end of the family quotient in IRS – publico






The Secretary General of the Association of numerous families regrets end of the family quotient in Large Families of IRSPortuguesa (APFN), Ana Cid, lamented Friday the increased tax burden for families with children and defended the maintenance of the quotient family and recovery of child benefit. “Even with an increase in the deduction of the children, who at this point is 325 euros and will go for 550 euros, [this] is not enough to compensate for the removal of the family quotient” he said.

Ana Cid commented on the news Morning Post q ue families with children, where one of the added elements have a gross monthly income above 1,700 euros / month, will pay more IRS in 2016 . according to the newspaper, who consulted tax experts, the government has chosen to apply the state budget for 2016 a fixed deduction per child amounting to 550 euros for all taxpayers, an increase of 225 compared to deduction of 325 existing.

According to the general secretary of APFN, families with children or dependents and average monthly incomes above 690 euros will suffer a real tax increase with application of deductions announced 550 euros in descending and ascending 525 euros. “In fact, it is completely wrong idea that has been transmitted from each family will receive 550 euros per child and 525 euros for each parent is a dependent”, he said.

In the opinion of Ana Cid, that value rather, it is used to calculate the deductions on the IRS as an expense of education or health, resulting in an actual increase in taxes for the overwhelming majority of Portuguese families with children. “When removed, the ratio makes the children come to be regarded as an expense of education and health. A deduction of a child is worth the same as a device for the teeth, “he said.

Ana Cid gave as an example that a family with average monthly wages of 800 euros net, there will be a real increase of 70 euros tax per year in the case of a child, of 130 euro with two children and € 200 with three children. According to her, the most appropriate way of dealing with children in IRS is through the ratio, which still fell short of what was “a court of treatment” of families with dependent children.

“The only situation where there is an improvement is for families with incomes up to 690 euros. But the improvement is not enough to compensate for the abolition of child benefit these families suffered in 2010, “he said. So, the association argues that what should be done was to increase the family quotient to a value above 0.3 for each child and parallel implementation of other policy measures such as the recovery of the allowance family.



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