Sunday, February 7, 2016

Increase in the tax on vehicles can reach 25% – TSF Online

The car purchase in 2016 will be more expensive in almost all models. Only escape gasoline vehicles with cylinder capacity of 1,000 and carbon dioxide emissions below 99 grams. The accounts were made by ANECRA.

The increase in the selling price to the public of cars resulting from worsening of Vehicle Tax (ISV) at 3% in component capacity and between 10% and 20 % environmental component.

the proposed State Budget for 2016 (OE2016), delivered Friday in Parliament revises ISV rates with an upgrade component cylinder by 3% and increases the environmental component of 10% to 20%, while making a relief for cars less polluting, “in order to strengthen the role of the tax as an incentive to purchase vehicles less polluting.”

according to the simulation the National Association of Companies of Trade and automotive Repair (ANECRA), the proposed amendment will increase the ISV of diesel cars between 7% and 18.3%.

the most penalized model is a Land Rover Defender 110, since in 2015 paid about 38,780 euros ISV and in 2016 will pay 45 866 euros, an increase of more than 7,000 euros, resulting from the high displacement and high carbon dioxide emissions (291 grams).

but the Volvo V40 D2 is the model diesel which, according to the comparison by the automobile association, will have a less significant increase in 2016: from 4,196 euros to 4,490 euros, ie an increase of 294 euros , benefiting from reduced emissions.

in gasoline vehicles, some models eventually benefit from an easing of ISV because they are vehicles that combine a low capacity and reduced emissions, with the Smart ForFour 1.0 to the which will have a more significant reduction of 6.9%, down from EUR 253 in 2015 to 236 euros in 2016.

Still, most of the petrol models is also penalized by the budget measure, with the Honda Jazz 1.3 i-VTEC to pay 25% more ISV in 2016, amounting to 1,191 euros, compared to 953 who came to pay.

to the new ISV value is applied VAT to 23%, the which increases the tax revenue to the state also through this tax to the consumer.

the Government anticipates for 2016 an improvement of net revenue based ISV, which is expected to stand at 660.6 million of euro, justified by the “expected trend of recovery in car sales, following the trend of this tax in 2015 and the expected effect of the legislative changes proposed in the State Budget of thirst.”


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