Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Minister promises to compensate businesses by increasing the ISP – TSF Online

The Finance Minister said that tax benefit for companies will allow to neutralize the increase in tax on oil products, not to is reflected in the economy.

in a statement to reporters, without the right questions at the end of a meeting of more than two and a half hours between the Government and employers’ confederations, Mário Centeno explained that this meeting was “very useful” because “it was made clear some pointed questions about the state budget, in particular some tax character issues”.

the Minister of Finance on tax benefit to counteract the rise ISP

” I stress this matter the issue of increasing the ISP that will not have an impact on what which are company accounts because the government has a request for legislative authorization [in the State Budget for 2016] which will neutralize this impact through the reflex increase in the accounts of these companies in terms of reduction of this additional cost resulting from increased ISP ” said the Finance Minister.

Centeno explained that this tax benefit allows that, “with this neutralization, that this increased ISP is not reflected in the economy, do not have a knock-on effect to the economy because it is completely absorbed by this increase in the reduction of business costs. “

the meeting between the Prime Minister, António Costa, the Finance Minister, Mário Centeno and the Minister of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security Vieira da Silva, with the employers’ confederations ended without the presidents of the Confederation of Portugal Farmers (CAP), the Confederation of Trade and Services of Portugal (CCP), the Business Confederation of Portugal (CIP), the Confederation of Portuguese Tourism (CTP) had given any statement to journalists.


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