Tuesday, February 16, 2016

North and Galicia discuss TAP – TSF Online

This Thursday there is meeting the Atlantic Axis. The strategic controversy TAP to reduce international flights at Sá Carneiro Airport will reach the table of mayors of northern Portugal and Galicia.

On the table, the decrease of international flights at Francisco Sá Carneiro airport provided by TAP. Ricardo Rio, Mayor of Braga and President of the Atlantic Axis, told TSF that the government can not remain silent on this matter, and even more after strengthening shareholder position.

The official believes that the Francisco Sá Airport Carneiro is for many years a reference in northwestern peninsular. “That’s what allowed its growth over the years,” recalls Ricardo Rio, which considers that the measures announced “are harmful, not only for Portugal, not just for the North, but for the entire Euro-region”.

Ricardo Rio says the government has to interfere

in meeting this afternoon Thursday in Santa Maria da Feira, cross-border rail and road links are at the center of conversation. Ricardo Rio, says that “there are a number of factors that have been neglected by the governments of two countries” to enhance the development of the territory. The official elects train connection Porto-Vigo as essential, but also a road link between Bragança and Puebla de Sanabria.

the official recalled that the Sá Carneiro airport is a reference airport

This meeting comes less than a week after the Crusades statements Rui Moreira, President of the Chamber of port and Abel Caballero, the mayor of Vigo.

Ricardo Rio speaks of priorities for Axis Atlantic

Moreira pointed out the recent decisions by TAP as benefiting the Galician airports, whose passengers were preferred users from Porto Airport. The Mayor of Vigo was quoted by the Galician press calling for an investigation of the European Commission for alleged interference in the market.

The meeting of the Atlantic Axis has the presence of Pedro Marques, Minister of Planning and Infrastructure.


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