Sunday, February 14, 2016

footwear sector concerned with connecting end of the TAP Porto / Milan – Digital Journal

“We have followed this situation with concern,” he told Lusa Paulo Goncalves, spokesman for the Association of Footwear Industry, Components, Skin and his substitutes Articles (APICCAPS), which arrived today with a delegation of 95 Portuguese companies to world’s largest fair of footwear, Micam in Milan.

the official recalled that just this year the association organized eight fairs in northern Italy, where the airport is located in Milan, and that for this edition the Micam traveled about 600 Portuguese.

According to Paulo Gonçalves, “there is an institutional relationship of tradition among APICCAPS and TAP in order to adjust the air supply to the needs of businesses, so that in several occasions, TAP replaced lower flight capacity by other larger “.

for this reason, he said, that carrier” has always been the airline excellence of footwear companies. “

the industry spokesman footwear admitted that six months from now, when it takes place the new edition of Micam in Milan, if they do not already exist connecting the TAP departing from Porto, can entrepreneurs’ appeal to other companies, “carriers.

in the morning, the Minister of Economy, who today visited the Micam, admitted that with the end of the connection port / Milan TAP the footwear companies will have to make” an effort additional. “

Manuel Caldeira Cabral pointed out, however, that” the concerns of the industry are different “and that” the links abroad are a major concern “and for which the Government is” to fight “.

“We want to make life easier for companies, giving them better able to operate and also give them conditions to evolve in innovation, technology and qualifications of labor, because it is that way that creates more value, “stressed the minister.

the Micam take place between the 14th and 17th of February and will feature more than 1,600 exhibitors from about 50 countries, and more than 40 thousand professional visitors.

that is the biggest fair of the world’s footwear with the participation of 95 Portuguese companies, which account for 500 million euros in exports.

in Portugal, and to set up 95 booths with about 16,000 shoes ‘Made in Portugal’, it took 28 lorries and 80 people

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