Sunday, February 14, 2016

Government guarantees that it will not lay off workers – Journal News

“I will not have to lay off anyone, I will not have to send anyone to the renovation. I have is prudent concern to recruit new workers. Every year by retirement or otherwise any leave 20,000 workers in the public administration, “Vieira da Silva said.

the minister, who was heard for nearly six hours in a joint hearing of the Budget Committee and the Labor and Social Security, promised to “prioritize, from the point of view of new people hired,” the recruitment of workers for the Authority of Conditions Labour (ACT) and the child protection committees and youth at risk.

the statements of Vieira da Silva emerged following a deputy’s intervention CDS Antonio Carlos Monteiro, who questioned the president about the existence of a ‘B’ plan or additional measures following the Brussels requirements, on Thursday

“we have not been asked, but I have provided other measures and I have stated them here.: combating tax evasion, support for social services and other [...] I have no alternative measures have no plan ‘B’ “, said the Minister, accusing the deputy missed” nothing “about the issue of . human resources in public administration and make interventions “completely out of order”

and stressed: “The priority is to recruit. I will not fire anyone or send anyone to the redevelopment. “

In his final speech, Vieira da Silva also said, alluding to the Social Emergency Program (SEP), that” there are truths that hurt, but that have to be said, “classifying this program of” mystification “, which merely create social canteens while the remaining measures were supported by the current expenditure.


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