Friday, February 12, 2016

Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha points damage 450-600 thousand euros EDP – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

The Regional Director of the Center of Culture said this Friday, February 12, that the floods on 12 January in Coimbra caused damage amounting to 450 000 to 600 000 euros in the Monastery of Santa Clara -a-Velha, assigning responsibilities to EDP.

the flood damage, where the water level peaked at five meters, “estimated to be between 450 thousand to 600 thousand euros,” noted Celeste Amaro, during a press conference at the national monument, which just last end-of-week “was dry”.

the leader of the center of the Regional Directorate of Culture (DRCC ) assigns the responsibility of full EDP, Dam dealership Aguieira, considering that without the “abrupt discharge” occurred, the flood “did not happen.”

Celeste Amaro predicts that within a “month to month and a half”, you can open the national monument to the public, after finishing the cleaning, stating that “jobs restoration and conservation are already implemented with the open monastery. ” These restoration work, said, may be reimbursed “by EU funds.”

According to the Regional Director, there “irreversible damage”, pointing to the ancient mortars and plasters “going down,” drawings present in the monument rooms “that possibly will be sunk”, the area where archaeologists are digging “is corrupted” and the so-called “kitchen” of monastery is “completely excavated [by water] and has to be renewed.”

The monument reopened in 2009 after an intervention which cost about 16 million euros (six million of them in the water containment system), never had “been flooded” since the reopening, he said.

Celeste Amaro added that he had asked for a meeting with the management of the EDP, but is still “waiting for an answer.” According to the official, the water entered the parking area, bursting with the gateway, which was never intended “not designed” to contain the water.

Although the system installed in the Monastery of Santa Clara -a-Velha be “a good system”, will have to rethink ” what to do to the monastery never again be flooded. “

the space around the monastery can be reworked, including the installation of retractive valves holes of rainwater, to “compel the water, when it reaches a certain level, it is impossible to get out.”

Asked about the possibility of legal action against the EDP, Celeste Amaro said he would rather opt for the path of dialogue.

EDP, which “has a foundation” to work in the area of ​​culture, the EDP Foundation, “is not interested” in being associated with damage to a monastery which is classified monument he stressed.

the Lusa tried to get a reaction from EDP, without success so far.


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