Friday, February 12, 2016

Finance without means to help taxpayers to validate invoices – TSF Online

Revenue Authority created extra support services for those who have difficulties with the Internet. Workers Union of Taxation says Finance departments can not respond to such a demand.

Finance departments The are failing to respond to all requests of taxpayers who can not verify, endorse or add invoices at e-invoice . The warning comes from the Tax Workers Union (STI).

The extra support in person in the offices for those who have difficulties on the Internet, especially the elderly, it was announced a few weeks ago. It is being made available in all the departments of Finance and all Citizen Shops. The problem, explains Paul Ralha, president of the union, is that “there is no human capacity to respond to requests” and meet with the necessary time, taxpayers have to check dozens and dozens of past invoices during 2015.

President of the Association explains that there are not enough staff to meet the needs

the Union of tax Employees adds that taxpayers are having many difficulties in validating invoices, even those who work well with the Internet, either for lack of time or because they do not know the tax rules.

Paul Ralha says the service can not respond to questions from taxpayers

term to validate 2015 invoices on the site e-invoice just to February 15, next Monday.

the new government approved a transitional regime which allows taxpayers to submit other education expenses, health, homes and property not registered in the e-invoice at the time of delivery of the tax return, provided they have (and keep) the supporting respective paper.

Paul Ralha argues, however, that this change does not arrives, it does not affect calls family overheads. In other words, you need to postpone the deadline for validation of invoices. The official anticipates complaints, especially for settlement, “when many taxpayers realizing that, instead of receiving the refund from the IRS, or will not receive refund any or will have to pay personal income tax increases.”

for Paul Ralha the postponement of deadlines is inevitable

in recent days, the computer system of Finance has had problems and this Thursday afternoon was at a standstill. To address these shortcomings, it has been announced that the system will be again stopped, this Friday, between 12:30 and 13:30.


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