Monday, February 15, 2016

“Reality DTT” is not reflected in the numbers Deco – Daily News – Lisbon

 Anacom disputes Deco study on the DTT released today,
 stressing that the figures would mean the existence of
 problems in 620,000 homes and “reality” of digital television
 Earth “is not reflected” in these numbers.

“We do not know how it was done the study, but this situation is clearly not the one that exists today on the ground.” Today’s date, the reality of DTT is not reflected in the numbers DECO has, “he told Lusa José Perdigoto, vice president of ICP / Anacom (Institute of Communications of Portugal / National Communications Authority).

” from what is written, DECO concludes that about 620,000 homes will have problems this time with DTT. This is not compatible with [the fact that] the very DECO we have had in the last three months 16 complaints, “added the head of the regulatory authority.

” I do not know what was the question posed [in the survey] but what Anacom can ensure is that these numbers do not reflect the situation of DTT in Portugal today. And the complaints we have – and that the DECO also has – that even the show, “Perdigoto said

Anacom chooses to frame the situation of DTT in the number of complaints it has received and continues to receive.. “This study [DECO] have at least four months and we continue to receive complaints directly and even for the DECO way”, says José Perdigoto.

a total of 62% of households with digital terrestrial television has “signal reception problems,” according to Deco, when a year passes on the start of the migration from analogue TV to DTT.

the consumer protection association conducted a study during the month of November in mainland Portugal, and concluded that there was an ‘intolerable situation that the regulatory authority only belatedly recognized. “

According to the statement of Deco,” 62% of consumers who remain on free land access said they did not receive the signal television in conditions and [these] 13% said they can not follow the normal course of emissions. “

the numbers of Anacom are different. “During the first eight or nine months of 2012 we had an average always above the 1000-1500 complaints per month, with a peak in May above the 3000 complaints. From September / October, the number of complaints has reduced. In December had 182 complaints and in January we had 86 complaints about DTT, “said the vice president of Anacom.

Anacom says still be held 200 monitoring actions in 2012 across the country to check quality signal of digital terrestrial television. This survey found that 64% of detected or reported complaints is held with “deficiencies in facilities at home users: inadequate cables, antennas old, damaged sockets (moisture, verdigris, etc).”

The problems related to the functioning of issuers amounted to 8% of complaints, while the remainder (28%) of cases of perceived shortcomings are held with problems arising from Portugal Telecom has identified on its website several areas as likely to be fed with terrestrial signal, when at last they could only be one satellite.

Anacom “strange”, so the conclusion and the figures presented by DECO, and would also point out that the consumer association has an agreement with the regulator, through which complaints that Deco receives are transmitted to Anacom.

Now, says the regulator, “the number of complaints that the DECO presented in relation to DTT in January was nine.” “We had nine complaints in January, zero in December and seven in November. We are talking about 16 complaints in the last three months, which are not in line with these findings,” says José Perdigoto.


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