Monday, February 15, 2016

TAP / Privatization: Minister claims that “astonishment” over the Chinese capital input “has no reason to be» – Digital Journal

The Minister of Planning and Infrastructure assured today that “astonishment” or “surprise” about the possible entry of Chinese capital in TAP has no reason to exist and said that comment on the report in Parliament.

“I would like to say that astonishment or this surprise has no reason to be. I myself have commented on the parliamentary committee of Public Works, at the first meeting I went to, I immediately a first reference to that issue, saying he had welcomed the approach of the TAP to Asia through this investor who, deep down, was now a new investor in the capital of one of the consortium members, “said Minister Pedro Marques.

the PSD and the CDS-PP expressed If, during the weekend, worried and concerned about the contours of the amendment to the contract by TAP, announcing the intention to seek urgently the visit of the minister to parliament after the weekly Expresso have reported that the “Government lets in Chinese in capital TAP “.

the official, who today visited the White Castle to attend a meeting of the Regional Center Board, said that in recent days the question of the possible entry of Chinese capital in TAP” was very exciting. “

” This is a factual truth. The idea here of a surprise or that the MPs were not informed by me on that matter has no reason to be, “said the governor.

Pedro Marques also said that” this is a matter for now remains in the earliest field. “

” it’s a hypothesis that we are talking about. Not achieved anything that the government officially has not informed the parliament, “he said.

” This hypothesis we were requested by the consortium to benefit from the negotiations and the reservation of the negotiations. Should just remain so reserved and set aside as a case between private parties, “argued the minister.

Pedro Marques also said that this in no way affects the state’s position on the agreement reached with the consortium.

“the state’s position, the 50%, the strategic options of the state, is not at all affected by this negotiation between private,” he said.

that said, governor said that, obviously, the PSD “was no agenda and apparently is also no ideology”: “Now we see the PSD with doubts about the public investment in the TAP, as we see with doubts in private investment. I think that the PSD is clearly looking ideology, to the social democracy that has lost four years ago. “

” We are talking essentially an arrangement of private investment composition TAP does not affect nothing what is the public interest and part of ensuring the public interest, “he said.

the Express weekly reported in its Saturday edition that the” Government lets in Chinese stake in TAP “, stressing that the executive António Costa “signed clause” to the HNA have 10% of the company.

As part of the agreement reached between the Government and the Gateway consortium, the state will pay 1.9 million euros to stay 50% of the company (instead of 34%), while the private consortium will spend 61% of the company’s capital to 45% and may reach 50%, with the acquisition of capital available to workers.

the state also happens to appoint the president of the airline’s board of directors, composed of 12 members – six chosen by the state and six by the private consortium. Already the executive committee, led by Fernando Pinto, has three members appointed by individual shareholders

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