Saturday, February 6, 2016

TAP: Association I ask relieved Word, but unclear – TVI24

President of the Association Mr. Smith Goes to António Pedro Vasconcelos said on Saturday, have been relieved with the new distribution of capital TAP group, pointing out that is important to understand the issues better in the State will have decision-making power.

“we were relieved to at least have found a solution that locks the freedom with which the consortium [Atlantic Gateway] was to act in relation to TAP and misdeeds he was doing “ , told Lusa the director who chairs the association who led the fight against the privatization of the airline.

Speaking to Lusa, António Pedro Vasconcelos explained that “we need to better understand what is meant by strategic decisions,” arguing that, for example, the suspension of routes is a strategic issue, referring to the controversy over the suspension some connection to and from the airport of Porto.

Asked about the issue, the Minister of Planning and Infrastructure, Pedro Marques, explained this morning that the definition of routes is a consortium of responsibility appointing the executive committee, while the state is ahead of the board.

Even today, the Association Mr. Smith goes to will meet to “discuss in more detail the contours of the new composition of capital”, referring to the end of further clarification later.

the Association Mr. Smith goes to always fought for the maintenance of TAP as a public company.

the government of António Costa will pay 1, 9 million euros for the state get 50% of TAP (instead of 34%) as a result of negotiations with the Gateway consortium, which had 61% of the company’s capital and is now 45%, which may reach 50%, with the acquisition of capital available to workers.

the State undertakes to not hold a stake of more than 50% in TAP, which will be held Parpública, going to nominate President of the company’s board of directors, composed of 12 elements. – six chosen by the state and six by the private consortium

now the executive committee remains with three members appointed by individual shareholders, led by Fernando Pinto

the final agreement between the Atlantic Gateway and the state will be closed until April 30, leaving the conditional sale the authorization of the Competition Authority and the Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC). – still he had not given its final opinion to the previous version of privatization, and financial debt restructuring of TAP.


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