Saturday, February 13, 2016

Government removes possibility of taxing donations already made – LUSA

The Secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs, Fernando Rocha Andrade, said today that the inheritance tax on high-value inheritance is under consideration by the Government and ruled out the possibility of taxing donations already made.

Fernando Rocha Andrade spoke to journalists after the parliamentary leader of the CDS-PP, Nuno Magalhães, accused the government of preparing to tax donations, reaching” the heart of private property. “

Nuno Magalhães cited an interview in which the Secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs stated that tax donations is open, but the very, soon after, complained of having their doctored statements, “Mr Nuno Magalhães, I do not know if by forretice or for any other reason, released a summary of an interview I gave, containing an expression that is not mine, “he countered.

Fernando Rocha Andrade accused after the parliamentary leader of the CDS-PP have committed “an oversight with the truth.”

“the inheritance tax, which is in the government’s program, will be studied this year. Will be studied in the way it is provided for in the Government’s program, ie it is a way to tax the valuable heritage, “he said.

Asked whether the inheritance tax could reach donations already made, Fernando Rocha Andrade responded:. “of course this is not to tax the donations already made”

Fernando Rocha Andrade said then that in the latest interview he gave, asked, “having into account the (apparently) operations already carried out however, that the conduct on the assets that exist, if those same assets were safe. “

” I answered that, as ignorant of whether those operations or future contours of the inheritance tax, could not tell if these these operations put or not the assets safe. This is a matter for the consultants to analyze after knowing the exact outline of the inheritance tax that is being studied, “explained the Secretary for Tax Affairs.


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