Monday, February 15, 2016

E-invoice does not validate 2015 invoices – TSF Online

This morning, the portal is to reject changes in the bill last year. The deadline ends on Monday. The Finance Ministry says it is a “system error” that will be solved.

Who accesses the portal e-bill this morning can no longer make changes to invoices for expenses last year. According to the Manual published by the Tax Authority, the deadline for validation ends this Monday, February 15, but this morning the operations are blocked.

When the taxpayer tries, for example, change the category of expenditure, the warning appears:. “it is not possible to complete the information of the invoices for years prior to 2016.”

the TSF requested clarification the cabinet minister of Finance. In response sent by e-mail the ministry says that “it is a system error” that is already being resolved.

Validate invoices in the portal e-invoice Revenue Authority was difficult in recent days, since the page was not fully operational. The validation period ends on Monday, but last week the page had problems and many taxpayers failed to complete the process.

The DECO and Tax Workers Union have called for extending the deadline, not least because the departments of finance and national stores have been impossible for staff to clarify all doubts.

Some health costs are not appearing in the e-invoice. Entities are not required to pass bills (such as hospitals or health centers) have until February 19 to send the information of the cost of taxpayers. Taxpayers will have to return to the site of Finance in March . The Tax Authority will create another page where it will be possible to check and verify these invoices.

This year will still be able to update expenditure on Health, Education, Real Estate and Homes when you fill out the tax return , in March. In last Monday, February 8, was published in the Official Gazette an Decree-Law establishing a transitional regime which allows taxpayers to claim these expenses when they fulfill the IRS.

the Government points out, however, that any change of values ​​that will appear pre-filled the IRS requires taxpayers to get proof through paper invoices, the amounts declared, notably in the “part that exceeds the value which was made available to the Tax Authority and Customs “and that is the e-invoice.


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