Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Banks lent more money in December but decreased accumulated – publico





The loans granted by the banking sector to households and companies rose in December, but the cumulative shows further decrease for the fifth consecutive year, according to data from the Banco de Portugal (BoP), released on Wednesday.

“in 2015, domestic credit provided by the banking sector decreased for the fifth consecutive year, amounting to 307.6 billion euros, less 2.8 billion euros in 2014 to” reveal the boP data.

in December, loans to individuals and companies totaled EUR 4.6 billion, with growth in both segments.

at private and housing were borrowed EUR 469 million, up from 413 million euros, and the highest monthly value since 2011. Despite the growth in the past year, the stock of these loans decreased by four billion, largely due to accelerated amortization of capital generated by the fall in Euribor rates.

in the consumer credit were borrowed 316 million euros, up from 282 million the previous month, and for other purposes amounted to 193 million euros.

the companies, financial institutions granted a total of 3697 million euros, with the largest growth in transactions above EUR one billion (1970 million euros, up from 1036 million granted in November).

in 2015, the rates of interest of new lending operations and loans decreased. The reduction was more significant in new loans to companies, the average rate was fixed in December to 2.98 percent, less than 111 basis points in the same period, which represents a historic low

the interest rate on new loans to households stood at 4.37 percent, 92 basis points less than in December 2014.

the reduction of the interest rate cut across the segments housing, consumption and other purposes, being more significant in the first two.

the deposits totaled 223 billion euros, down 1.4 billion euros than in 2014, with an increase in private sector deposits not financial 1.2 billion as a result of the increase in household deposits.

at the end of December, the amount of private deposits with resident banks amounted to 137.8 billion euros .

the remuneration of new deposits decreased, fixed in December at 0.39% and 0.50% in private companies, historical lows.

the credit balance bad debt of households fell. Late last year, the doubtful loans amounted to 4995 million of overdue loans in euros granted to individuals, the lowest amount since 2012.

In housing, amounted to 2480 million euros, consumption to 1144 million euro and for other purposes to 1371 million euros.

the bad debt of the companies amounted to 12,601 million euros, a slight increase compared to the end value of 29014.



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