Friday, February 12, 2016

“They wanted BES disappeared” – Daily News – Lisbon

Ricardo Salgado breaking years of silence and a half at the End of Days book, to be published in March. Journalist Alexandra Almeida Ferreira, the work is the result of conversations with the banker during the house arrest period

“They knew that the BES would disappear. They wanted BES disappear. They decided to apply Resolution. Why refused two investors wanting to increase capital? Think normal after demand 48 hours a recapitalization that was completely impractical? ” Is Ricardo Salgado in the first person, in the End Days book that depicts the moments lived by former banker who led to the fall of the Holy Spirit Group.

There were about four months of confessions and revelations of journalist Alexandra Almeida Ferreira, during the period when Ricardo Salgado was under house arrest, which are now collected in a book to be published early next month by Chiado Publisher

Ricardo Salgado -. which is at liberty to term of identity and residence with mandatory periodic presentations at the Police station – does not spare criticism of the government steps and the Bank of Portugal on the implementation of resolution measure

“You had talked about everything. tapping, commission of inquiry, audits, the only thing left was to see the hand of the person. Knowing how he lived the last moments of his legacy, “he told DN the book’s author, adding that the work also included” more personal revelations “and” some self-criticism “.

the first contact with the journalist Ricardo Salgado was done in May and one in July is that the former banker accepted the challenge. Followed by nearly four months of talks. And one of the conclusions expressed in the book is that the solution found for the BES did not come from his will.

“Finance Minister [Maria Luís Albuquerque] watched! This is one thing that shocks me! At meetings she summoned the bankers to support public companies within and outside the State’s perimeter – hidden debt -., when foreign banks were demanding repayments of loans and attended ever, and I always went to several meetings, or were colleagues like Dr. Amílcar and Dr. António Souto, the enormous availability that the bank has always been to support state-owned enterprises, non-financial area of ​​the state. they were emergencies because foreign banks were demanding refunds. the governor, at the same time, said it was better if there were more foreign banks in Portugal. When were the foreign banks were taking the rug to the state. ” Salgado account, which also explains the origin of the name by which it became known. “The person who told me the first time, the Owner of It All was Manuel Pinho [former finance minister]. He told me” You know what they call it now? . “” They say it’s the Disto Owner Everything

Salgado speaks also of their personal relationships during the process and comes to the conclusion:. “The friendships to serious be counted on the fingers of one or both hands But these worth everything. sometimes we are also surprised by the positive. “


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