Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Government will maintain the system of early retirement – TVI24

Maintaining this year of early retirement requests for workers over 60 years of age and 40 contributions to Social Security should come into force from March, said Vieira da Silva.

according to the statements made on Wednesday by the Minister, a meeting with journalists at the Ministry of Labour, in Lisbon, the Government will maintain this year the ALS reforms approved by the executive before and that was in force in 2015.

However, and according to the Minister of Labour and Social Security, the executive will work this year to introduce a less punitive alternative arrangements for the longer contributory careers.

in January last year, the PSD / CDS government has recently published a decree that reinstated temporarily until the end of 2015, the possibility of early retirement, which had been suspended in 2012 as a way to “promote the sustainability of the regime pensions of the welfare system Social Security.

the Government will keep this possibility, but intends to amend the legislation this year, thus preventing people who ask for early retirement have cuts which in some cases can reach 60%, according to Vieira da Silva.

75 million to combat poverty among pensioners

the government plans spend about 75 million euros with the older, between pensions and Solidarity Supplement for the Elderly, an expenditure increase justified as a means to combat poverty among pensioners with fewer resources.

the Minister of Labour, solidarity and Social Security, Vieira da Silva, pointed out that the budget of his ministry intends to fulfill commitments to transition and bring modernization.

Logo on commitments, Vieira da Silva addressed the replacement of benefits values social, from the family allowance, social Insertion Income (RSI), attendance allowance third person or Solidarity Supplement for the Elderly (CSI).

according to the minister, to update the allowance value family will benefit 1.1 million children, while the increase for single parents, beneficiaries of family allowance, will reach 270,000 households.

the government estimates that the RSI reaches 240,000 beneficiaries and CSI 170 thousand elderly people. – number that could rise to 200 000

Accounts made the whole financial impact of these measures comes to 135 million euros

on the other hand,. update of pension values ​​will benefit two million pensioners, which, according to Vieira da Silva, from pensions paid by Social Security and the General Retirement Fund, will be around EUR 60 million.

” from the point of view of the expenditure increase by political decision with regard to older people, these 60 million is necessary to add about 15 million CSI “ , said the minister.

with specific regard to CSI, Vieira da Silva admitted that the total expenditure would be about 13 million euros, if the Government had chosen not to increase the value annual social benefit.

with regard to CSI, the Government undertakes to restore the annual value of social provision for 5,022 euros, after having been reduced to 4,909 euros / year in the previous legislature.

Pensions: strategy is the replacement of the update formula

with regard to pensions, Vieira da Silva assumed that the strategy is the replacement of the update formula of all pensions, contrary to the policy followed by the previous government, update only the minimum, social and rural pensions.

He also pointed that minimum pensions from both the contributory scheme, as the general scheme, “not are necessarily those that are associated with pensioners with lower incomes. “

” Driving to Complement Outreach [for the elderly] this value for the payment pension and then, in a more general way, updating the inflation value is, in our view, a fairer and more effective in combating poverty of many seniors’ , justified Vieira da Silva.

The Minister took the opportunity to realize that there are 950,000 pensioners with minimum pensions under the contributory scheme, of which 332,000 are under 15 years of contributory career. Here are included old age pensions and disability, are left out of survival.

“The figures show that the minimum pension of the minimum of contributory scheme accounts for about 35% “ , he said.

15 to 20 years of insurance record, there are about 232,000 pensioners from 21 to 30 years, there are 242 thousand, and with 30 or more years of contributory career, there are about 137,000 pensioners.

Now with survivor’s pension, there are 95,000 pensioners.

within the total of 156 thousand rural pensions, 108,000 relate to their own pensions, which added 47,682 survivors benefits.

within the 108,000 rural pensions, 104,000 are old-age pensions and 4,500 disability.

“And it is this background that justifies, in our choice, value the benefits that demonstrably have a dual reality, which is a low pensions and low incomes “ , fired Vieira da Silva.


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