Thursday, February 11, 2016

Vieira da Silva: “We have no vertigo replace what was being done” – Express

The state budget for Social Security meets “its commitments” is “transition” and “modernization”. That was how the minister characterized the Government’s proposal for the sector, a brieffing held this Wednesday for journalists to the area, the Ministry of Social Security.

Vieira da Silva showed the numbers and costs of an OE that replenishes the Social Insertion Income coverage levels (RSI), increase the minimum wage and child benefits, thaws the formula update pensions and returns the retirement complements of the state-owned enterprises workers. To the minister, the minimum wage increase “generates a revenue of 80 million” euros and “decreased TSU may correspond to a decrease of about 20 million in revenue.”

To these numbers, . add to the impact of increases in social support and updating of pensions, which correspond to a fiscal effort of EUR 185 million in 2016

the accounts are simple: for the proposed changes to the allowance family, the Social Insertion Income and the Solidarity Supplement for the Elderly, charges totaling 135 million euros. The update of pensions, both for the beneficiaries of Social Security and the General Retirement Fund, corresponding to an increase of expenses of 60 million euros.

The expense fires but the government compensates think there through the forecast “an ambitious growth of around 5.7% of revenues from contributions and the contributions of workers in assets”. The minister also assumes a fitting increase the coffers of the Social Security of EUR 50 million thanks to the introduction of the model identify of remuneration to combat fraud and evasion, as well as an increase in revenue of about 60 million euros, thanks . to increase the national minimum wage

“the scenarios are just that: often deceive themselves,” eventually admit the minister. Vieira da Silva answered forecasts for the growth of jobs, according to the PS, would be 60 thousand jobs in August and now is “reduced” to 40 thousand. However, the costs and revenues to Social Security, the Minister seems more confident. “We do not deny the ambition of numbers, but this is an achievable goal,” he said.

The very UTAD warned the Executive about the excessive optimism of calculations for Social Security, but Vieira da Silva was keen to stress the numbers enrolled in the State budget 2016 “include a more favorable performance of employment, the impact of economic growth and made the fight against fraud and evasion”, but ensures that “the goal has been set in line with the values ​​already checked” in recent months.


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