Monday, October 24, 2016

HP wants to grant to landlords to the poor with the contracts of old lace – the Public.en

The parliamentary group, the socialist wants to present a proposal to the parliamentary amendment to the diploma of grant income to that this pass does not only include a rental subsidy for the tenants but also the landlords in the same circumstances in case of the contracts of old lace, prior to 1990", advances the Journal of Business on Monday.

In August, the Assistant secretary of State and of the Environment, José Mendes, anticipated in an interview to the PUBLIC that the Government was working on a legislative package that would create the figure of the "lordship of the social".

"what we want to create is a whole framework of legislative incentives for the private can adhere to this statute the landlord of the social and, in return, practise budgets with limit values, so that they can be supported by such a segment of the middle class families and the lower middle", detailed to the secretary of State.

The proposal was not well received by the owners. In reaction to the statements of José Mendes, the president of the National Association of Owners said that the current law provides that the State takes over, preferably through a subsidy, the difference between the value of income tax by the market and the income of the tenants.

Now, the journal of economics writes that the PS wants also owners benefit from social support, such as is provided for the tenants – and that it should enter into force from 2017. "The conditions of allocation will be the same as the law already provides for the tenants, that is, only if you assign the allowance to landlords whose household has income below 37.100 euros gross annual (the equivalent of five minimum remuneration guaranteed national)".

The goal is that the owners with complicated financial may also benefit from a subsidy. Explains the Business that "this is the answer of the socialists to criticism of the owners in relation to the expected enlargement of the transitional period in the update of the contracts of old", when in 2012 it was determined "that in cases of lack of financial of tenants, the income would remain for five years, within certain ceilings fixed in accordance with the income of the tenant".

The chamber stresses that, "if there is poverty on the side of the tenants, the same happens with the owners of buildings leased”.

Currently, the law stipulates that the allowance (currently applicable only to tenants will only have practical effect in 2018, when you have passed the transitional period of the law of income and the income must be proved by a declaration issued less than a year ago for the services of Finance. "It will be a grant, a monthly non-refundable and it corresponds to the difference between the income determined for the transitional period, and the amount of income to be updated. The minimum amount of the allowance granted shall be 20,96 € (5% of the value of the IAS) and is awarded for two years, at which time the income will need to be re-proven", says the Journal of Business.


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