Thursday, October 27, 2016

Web Summit: thousands of young people will be able to have the ticket for nine euros, instead of 900 – TVI24

More than six thousand young people, between 19 and 23 years old, they can go to the Web Summit for nine euros, or 1% of the usual amount of tickets, through a campaign called Inspire Portugal (Inspire Us).

Launched by the prime minister, António Costa, and the founder and executive chairman of the event international innovation and entrepreneurship, Paddy Cosgrave, the campaign is intended to "young entrepreneurs, students and dreamers".

The entries in the ‘site’ of the organization will ensure tickets to the lectures of the main stage at the Web Summit, with over two thousand tickets per day between 8 and 10 November.

We are amazed with the amount of young incredible that speak of the Web Summit. They are so excited and already inspired. If they are the future of Portugal, then Portugal’s future is bright,", said the 'boss' of the Web Summit.

However, the officer is said to have known many young people who can’t go to the event by having lost the opportunity to sign-up as volunteers or because they can not pay 900 euros for a ticket.

I felt both his passion, as his disappointment. And, so, we started to think: what can the Web Summit do for young entrepreneurs? We’ve been working with the prime minister and we believe that we have a solution", concluded Paddy Cosgrave, that you specified that will be assigned 2.016 tickets daily for MEO Arena. the “Will be eight hours of speakers who will inspire, daily, during the three-day" summed up the irish, noting to be concerned more than five million euros.

the candidates for The initiative will have the chance to guarantee tickets for a day with restricted access to the central stage.

The commander, metropolitan of the PSP Lisbon assured this Wednesday that the city will have a “visible increase” of police during the three days of Web Summit, with enhanced special agents to the civil.

Without giving the number of police personnel assigned to the city during the days of the event (7-10 November), commander Jorge Mauricio ensured that the reinforcement will be visible.

The commander spoke to journalists during a visit of the secretary of State for Industry, John Vasconcelos, transport services, health and safety in the area adjacent to the MEO Arena and the FIL, where will take place the Web Summit.

Taking into account the size of the event, (…) the PSP will mount a device security focused on the prevention and proactivity, using the police of the Integrated Model of community Policing, the Teams of Traffic police Prevention of crime, Teams of Rapid Intervention Teams for Prevention and Immediate Reaction, and the Special Police Unit”, it reads, in a statement made available to journalists.

Jorge Maurício reminded that the police are prepared for the good and the bad that comes from this type of large events and ensured that there will be several agents in plain clothes, many of them at night.

Guaranteed that we will have more people to the civil. I’ve given orders in the Division of Criminal Investigation to strengthen the effective”, said.

The chief superintendent of the Magina da Silva added that the PSP has 22 thousand agents, and that, although it can not move forward with the number of staff that will be seconded to the security of Lisbon during the Web Summit, said: “you Can be reassured that we will have police who are to come”.

“The process of planning, up to day 7, is dynamic. In the great events of this nature, up to the last day if you are close to who comes and who does not come, so it’s not worth talking about in numbers,” he added.

During the visit, the secretary of State João Vasconcelos said that everything is prepared to receive the Web Summit.

“By all the contingency plans that we have, we understand that yes, we have infrastructures able to receive the 50 thousand people,” he said.

John Vasconcelos reminded that this event is a “dimension that is not usual” and, therefore, constitutes a major challenge for the city and for the country.

This is the first year. All the details that we found it was to strengthen, strengthened. There are several challenges and others that we will learn on the first day and on the second day and improve for the year. The Web Summit will stay for three more years and you can get even two more years and there is a job with the organization for on the go grooming and preparing the city for this”, he added.

The secretary of State of the Industry also underlined the work carried out with the issuing of visas.

“The challenge of the visa, which is often ignored, is to be overcome. Come thousands of people from outside of the Schengen area and has been running very well, in a work of hundreds of people,” he said.

The ruling also indicated that the ANA-Airports of Portugal has strengthened the support, through a zone of registration of the participants which will be placed outside of the airport, in a tent of their own, with access signposted to the transport.

The Portuguese has already realized the importance of this event and are all ready to receive you” said.

The secretary of State proved to be “proud” to receive the event and acknowledged that this first edition of the Web Summit is a “test” in which the Government wants to pass with success.

this Is a test, but it is a serious test. It is the image of the country that are concerned and the city. We want it to be a test without failures”, said Joao Vasconcelos.

During the Web Summit are expected to more than 50 thousand participants from more than 150 countries, more than 20 thousand companies, seven thousand presidents-executive and two thousand journalists.


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