Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The government, after all, will deliver it later the information that is missing in OE – the Public.en

Once you have argued on Monday evening that the information requested by opposition parties and by UTAO “do not will do something to the quality of the debate”, the Ministry of Finance backed down and now guarantees that will make it coming soon to the Parliament.

in A letter sent to the president of the Assembly of the Republic and the parliamentary groups this morning, the office of the minister of Finance shall, according to the letter, to which the PUBLIC had access, that “the information requested by the Technical Unit for Budgetary Support (UTAO), as well as those referred to in the request of the parliamentary groups is to be prepared by the services of this ministry, with a view to its provision to the Assembly of the Republic”.

once that is scheduled for this afternoon an audience with the minister of Finance and this information is not yet available, the ministry requests that if schedule a new hearing with Mário Centeno “for the assessment of the information that you will, at a later date to its shipment to the Assembly of the Republic”.

In the proposal sent in the past day 14 October, the Government chose not to include some data that is normally contained in the reports of the OE, namely, the estimation of execution at the end of this year of the expenditure and revenue on a budgetary accounting and performance data and forecast of tax revenue by the tax. The only estimates for 2016 are included in OE are on a national accounts basis.

The absence of these data has led to complaints of the parliamentary groups of the PSD and the CDS-PP, who argue that estimates of budget execution in public accounting are essential to make a thorough assessment of the proposal of OE. The two parties have made a request in that request these data. Similarly, the UTAO alerted to the absence of these data, alerting you to the fact that this is an information that is required by law.

The first executive response to the request of the parliamentary groups arrived on Monday evening and met only partially the requirements made. Were released the estimates and forecasts of tax revenue by tax for 2016 and 2017. Continuing to miss, however, the data of the estimates of revenue and expenditure in 2016, in the perspective of public accounting.

in This response, the responsible persons of the Ministry of Finance argued that "the estimates obtained in public accounting at this stage of the implementation of the budget for the current year have a margin of error considerably", and, if they are delivered, "does not contribute to the quality of the debate". That is why, according to the Government, if presented with the data of the chosen form"), benefiting from the freedom that is afforded by law for the preparation of the report."

according To the law, the complete estimations of the evolution of the expenditure and the revenue in 2016 that the Government has not yet presented, and that promises only to send later, should be included at the outset, in the report of the proposal of the State Budget that was delivered by the executive to the Assembly of the Republic.

In the Budget Framework Law (LEO), the magazine in the past year, it is set that the report OE the Government to surrender to the Parliament must include the estimate for the current year and the forecast of budget implementation consolidated of the general government sector and sub-sector, in the perspective of the public accounting and national accounting".

it Is in LEO that are set forth all the procedures to be adopted by the various institutions in the fulfilment of the obligations of the budgetary policy, in particular the calendars, the information presented and the limits you meet in the SB proposal that is sent annually by the Government to the Parliament.


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