Friday, October 28, 2016

The agreement between TAP and Brussels Airlines prejudice “the interests of passengers” – the guardian

In question is an agreement of code-sharing signed between TAP and Brussels Airlines in 2009. The European Commission has already informed the two airlines of the preliminary conclusions. Brussels has doubts about the understanding.

To the commissioner in charge of competition, Margrethe Vestager, “the code-sharing between airlines can benefit passengers by providing greater network coverage and better connections. However, we are concerned that, in this specific case, Brussels Airlines and TAP Portugal may have used the sharing of codes to restrict competition and harm the interests of passengers on the route Brussels-Lisbon”.

The research of the European Commission, began in 2011, three years after the start of the agreement. This is not yet a final decision, but the commission has any questions in relation to the first three years of the understanding.

Reacting to this information, the TAP further clarifies that this communication is a mere step procedural through which the commission informs the airline about the concerns that you identified”.

Through a press release, the TAP is still to know that you have “two months to present its position to the Commission that you may choose to archive the process or give you continued.”

the spokesman of The commissioner for Competition, Ricardo Cardoso, in statements to the TSF, says that this practice is common in the businesses of commercial aviation, but the agreement between the two companies is harmful to the interests of passengers.

Ricardo Cardoso explains that the agreement between TAP and Brussels Airlines is injurious to the Ricardo Cardoso explains how he will conduct the process from here

Ricardo Cardoso says that, at this stage, there is still no place for the fines. Companies will, from today, two months to submit a response to the Commission.


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