Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tickets for talks from Web Summit amounted to 1245 euros – RTP

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Seventy percent of the volunteers are college students. The other 30 percent are people who are working. There are many Portuguese, but also young foreigners who do not want to miss the opportunity.

The Web Summit, said goodbye to Dublin last year and it was there that they were two young people in portugal: at the time university students, now working, shared it with the Antenna 1 the experience of having participated in a global conference.

The volunteer program of this event exists since 2014 and is replicated in several conferences organized by the team WS: Collision in New Orleans, RISE in Hong Kong or MoneyConf in Madrid.

the ages of The volunteers, coming from more than 80 countries, ranging between 18 and 60 years old.
Tickets go up this Friday
The cheapest ticket for the conference technology, which now costs 840 euros, only for the area of the display, will pass to thousand euros. The tickets that let you attend lectures in the 15 stages will have the prices increased from 898 to 1245 euros.

those Who want to have VIP access you will need to spend 5250 euro.


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