Sunday, February 5, 2017

14 bankers with an income in excess of 1 million – the Observer

Nine bankers in the Uk received, on average, 1.5 million euros. According to the data, the European Banking Authority (compiled in the EBA report on high.), in one of these national cases, the income declared they reached to 3.5 million euros in 2015.

The document analyzes the salaries of the "big earners" of 22 european countries, among which Portugal. In a global analysis, the banking authority states that "the number of large recipients [a name translated from high., which refers to those employees with higher incomes in the sector] who received one million euro or more in remuneration for the year of 2015 has increased significantly". Were 3.865 in 2014 and in the following year, went on to be 5.142 — a development that translates to an increase of more than 33% between the two years and that the banking authority explains with the appreciation of the pound against the euro, which pushed bankers to the level of above one million euros in earnings.

In the Portuguese case, the data of 2015 point to the existence of 14 bankers with an income in excess of one million euros, received an average 1.5 million (between fixed remuneration and ‘ variables). In comparison with the previous year, the fixed remuneration recorded a decrease of 32%, falling from € 2.2 million in the previous year. There was still a banker, who stood out among the millionaires Portuguese, with a fixed salary annual 3,55 million euros. The names are never revealed.

the United Kingdom is The country with the most cases of bankers whose basic salary exceeds one million euros: they are 4.133 the professionals of this sector, with an average maturity of more than two million euros. But it is Latvia, the country that, on average, the bankers receive wages higher, with 2.6 million euros per year declared.


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