Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Savings of Paulo Macedo are almost all in the BCP – Express

Paulo Macedo, who is a former vice-president of the Portuguese Commercial Bank, and from this Wednesday, the executive chairman of Caixa Geral de Depósitos, have a large part of their savings in the private bank. In the Box, Macedo had just one application that won at the end of last year, account of the "Business Journal" this Wednesday.

Taking into account the history of 23 years of the connection between the ex-minister of Health and the BCP, the choice of this institution to trust their is not much of a surprise. In addition to the saving accounts, the new President of the Box also has several insurance policies underwritten by the company West, owned in part by that financial institution.

The morning progresses this information based on claims about the value of the assets and income of holders of political office and cash equivalents that Macedo had to deliver on the Constitutional Court, when, at the end of 2015, no longer be the minister of Health, which means that these data may have undergone changes in the last year.

An application deadline of 19 thousand euros in the CGD, which led to 16 December 2015, was the only financial product applied by Paulo Macedo in the Box.


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