Thursday, February 9, 2017

Increases and return of 4.º level of family support already in March – the Public.en

Was published this Thursday on the ordinance that updates the amounts of the family allowance for children and young people, as well as pre-natal and grant of funeral. The ordinance still refreshes the amounts of bonus due to deficiency of the family allowance for children and young people, the monthly allowance for life and the allowance for assistance of a third person.

The family allowance, where the Government decided to recover the 4.No step had been eliminated in 2010 for children up to three years of age, the increases should cover about 130 thousand children, according to the accounts that the minister of Social Security, Vieira da Silva, released when the measure was announced, in October 2016.

The increases will be phased. But that is soon set is that, in relation to 1.Th income bracket, the monthly amounts of family allowance for children and young people shall be of 146,42 € for children with ages less than or equal to 12 months. From that age and up to 36 months, the value updates to the 54,90 euros until 30 June 2017, rising after that date for the 73,21 € monthly. In the case of children older than 36 months, the amount is fixed in the 36,60 euros.

In the 2.Th income bracket, the amounts will be updated to a maximum of 120,86 euros, for babies up to one year of age, and a minimum of 30,22 euro, from the age of 36 months. Between one amount and another, the increases will be phased: by June 2017, the babies between one year of age and the 36 months they receive 45,33 euro until 30 June, increasing again to the 60,43 euros from that date.

Already at the 3.Th step the maximum and minimum values oscilarão between the 95,08 eur, for children up to 12 months, and the 27,35 euros for children or young people with more than 36 months. In the interval, the increases will be for 38,64 euros up to June and to the 49,93, thereafter.

The ordinance resets now also the 4.Th income range for children up to 36 months of age, which will benefit from a grant of 9,46 euros up to June and 18,91, from 1 July.

In the allowances provided to large families and single-parent, the amounts benefit from an upgrade of 35%.

In the case of the allowance on pre-christmas values are saved shall walk in between the 146,42 € monthly, for the 1.Th income range, and the 95,08 eur in relation to the 3.Th income bracket. If the pregnancy takes place in a context of single-parental, the value is also increased by 35%.

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The grant funeral will be 214,93 euros.

In the case of the subsidy for disability, the values will be of 61,57 € for children up to 14 years, 89,67 for holders between 14 and 18 years, and 120 euros for beneficiaries between the ages of 18 and 24 years. The monthly allowance for life rises to the 177,64 euros and the allowance for assistance from third-person 101,68 eur.

according To the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Solidarity the beneficiaries of the family allowance will receive in March the updated values, "with the exception of a significant increase introduced in the new age group of 12 to 36 months and the replacement of the 4.Th step, which requires a development, more complex of computer systems". In these cases, the beneficiaries will have to wait until April, but "this ordinance shall take effect from last January, so that the processing will be offered retroactively".


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