Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Metro expects to win 20% of customers with new lines in Porto and Gaia – the Public.en

The company Metro do Porto expects to attract more than 12 million clients a year with the investments in the extension of Line D (Yellow), in Gaia and in the construction of a new line, the G (Pink), between Sao Bento and Casa da Música, in Porto. The Minister of the Environment, Matos Fernandes, presents this Tuesday, at the Port, the proposal of the Government, as the majority shareholder of Metro, wants to discuss in the board of directors of this public company, and that implies a total value of 287 million euros.

Porto and Gaia, are, as expected, the counties covered, with new investment in the network of metro do Porto. According to the study of demand of structural that produced by CITTA – Research Centre of Territory, Transport and Environment, Civil Engineering Department (DEC) of the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto (FEUP), the two lines in the table may attract 30 thousand customers in the working day to the network, which amounts to an increase of 12 million trips are added to the 58 million performed annually in the subway system of the region.

The guardianship, and the company agreed that the new lines build to comply with criteria of economic sustainability – to serve areas with more than 5000 inhabitants/km2, for example – and, this 20% increase, ensures, to realize, that the revenue generated in these two "lines" will overcome the costs of operation provided. At this time, the company already has a positive behavior from the operational point of view, but still comfortable in its annual results, the weight of the charges with a liability of around three million euros.

According to the data gathered by the PUBLIC, the two proposed investments would consume almost all of the 290 million euros available for the expansion of the network of metro do Porto, in this phase. The new Pink Line, with a length of 2,746 kilometres, and all of it in the tunnel, has an estimated value of 181 million. Involves the construction of stations in the House of Music, Galicia, Hospital de Santo António and S. Benedict II, the two new terms related to already-existing stations in the common trunk (lines A, B,C, E) and on Line D for tunnels, a pedestrian.

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as for the extension of Line D on Gaia would extend the service from the metro to two major traffic generators in the county, the Hospital Santos Silva, and the residential area of Vila D’este, you will have both stations dedicated. In this case the line will win a further 3.2 km in length in double track, incorporating three new stations (the first of them underground, you will be close to RTP), a viaduct of about 600 meters and a tunnel approximately 800 metres before a last section at the level of the soil.

so the PUBLIC was able to ascertain, the trace the initial of this extension develops in the viaduct so as to allow the junction on the A1 and road EN1, next to the Santo Ovídio, coming after the line in the tunnel up to the vicinity of the Rua Conceição Fernandes, continuing from here to the surface to Vila d’este. The eur 106 million of investment include the construction of a branch access to the park of rolling stock to be built in the immediate vicinity, on the stretch between the stations, Hospital and Villa d’este.

Once approved by the board of directors, in which have seat the non-executive representatives of the Area Metropolitan of the port, the shareholder minority, the Metro do Porto will still have to develop the projects of implementation of each of the lines. Contrary to what happened in the first phase, this task will be carried out internally, followed by a period for environmental impact studies. The public tender for the construction of new lines should be released at the end of the first half of 2018, starting the construction work in 2019. The planned duration for the construction of two new lines, which will take place partially at the same time, is three years.


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