Thursday, February 2, 2017

The new Bank sell 41% of Nanium in the north american Amkor – Cash

The announcement was made by the entity led by António Ramalho, without giving the values of the business.

The Nanium is a company "of the world in the semiconductor industry, in particular in the supply of solutions 'packaging' of 'wafer-level fan out (WLFO)," reads the statement sent by the New Bank to the Commission for the Securities Market (CMVM).

The New Bank, stressed that the implementation of this operation is dependent on the necessary approvals and the completion of the transaction will have an impact neutral to positive in its capital ratio 'common equity tier 1' (CET1).

"This transaction represents a further important step in the process of divestment of non-strategic assets of the New Bank, pursuing this strategy focus on the business, the domestic bank," said the institution.


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