Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The government is investing 180 million on the valuation of business areas – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

according To a document from the office of the minister for Planning and Infrastructure, Peter marks, that the agency Lusa had access, the programme covers the regions North (112 million euros), Center (50 million) and Alentejo (18 million) and foresees an investment up to 2021.

infrastructure and equipment for the creation and expansion of business areas aimed at, according to the Government, to strengthen the competitiveness of the regions of convergence, to improve the conditions of installation of the companies in the areas in which there is a lack of spaces for enterprise deployment, enhance job creation and increase exports, among others.

on the other hand, the investment in accessibility of 12 areas existing business, carried out mainly with the budget of the Infrastructure in Portugal, has as objective to reduce the travel time to the network structuring, facilitating access to the ports and the border, foster economic growth and attract new investments and increase the circulation road.

The criteria for this investment now in the reduction of travel time, the cost per kilometre, and the dimension of the fabric of business.

For regions, the North, in the area of accessibility by road, will have eight interventions (six buildings and two reclassification), in a total of 39 kilometres of extension, which represents an investment of 82 million euros. For the creation and expansion of business areas are reserved eur 30 million.

In the Central region are provided two interventions, roads (upgrading and new construction) in the 21 kilometres, which represents an investment of 15 million euros. For the business areas, the investment amounts to 35 million euros, the highest among the three regions.

In the region there is expected an investment of 13 million in the areas of hospitality business, and five million for accessibility, and included a redevelopment and a construction, in a total of five kilometers.

investment highest in accessibility, 26.2 million euros, is planned for the construction of a connection between the Business Park Escariz to the highway 32 (A32), covering the municipalities of Arouca, Santa Maria da Feira and Oliveira de Azeméis, district of Aveiro.

The Programme for the Valorization of the Business Areas is presented this Tuesday afternoon, at the Crossroads, district of Santarém, in a ceremony with the presence of the prime minister, António Costa, and the minister for Planning and Infrastructure, Peter marks.

The program was announced by the prime minister on 27 January, during the debate fortnightly in the Assembly of the Republic.

António Costa has revealed that the investment will be made with the use of national funds and aims to “ensure that businesses can benefit from the infrastructure”, improving “the conditions of competitiveness”.


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