Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sonangol will hold shareholder position in BCP – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

The Sonangol has accompanied the capital increase of BCP. The intention of the angolan oil company, according to the Business you know, is to maintain the support to the institution and continue to be one of the leading partners of the bank.

The company, Sonangol, headed by Isabel dos Santos, controls the 14,87% of the share capital of BCP and had to invest 198 million euros to preserve this position in the shareholder structure of the bank led by Nuno Amado.

The participation of Sonangol in this operation of capital increase, now confirmed, was advanced by the Business on 27 January. In addition to Sonangol, the inter-oceanic, the other shareholders of angolan bank, also have participated in this capital increase to maintain its position of 1.7%, which translates into an investment of 23 million euros.

This Friday, February 3, will be announced the results of the capital increase of the capital of BCP in 1,33 billion euro, on which the shares were subscribed at a unit price of 9.4 cents. The demand for shares exceeded the offer which means that it was not necessary any underwriting of the operation on the part of the banks.

This capital increase is reflected in the strengthening of the position of the new reference shareholder in the shareholder structure of the BCP, the Fosun. The chinese group that owns in Portugal of insurance company Fidelity and Light Health and already controls 18% of the BCP, you want to be up to 30% of the largest Portuguese private bank.

Record that Sonangol, at the end of 2016, has requested the ECB authorization to strengthen its position in the bank to a level of more than 20%, it has the same been granted at the beginning of this year. The angolan oil company is a shareholder of reerência of the BCP since 2007, where he began for to take a position qualified to 2%.

The EDP Pension Fund also decided to accompany the capital increase of BCP, maintaining the participation 2.56%, which translates into an investment of 28 million euros.


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