Thursday, February 2, 2017

If the BE and PCP fail “new TSU”, “it will be up to HP to remove the appropriate consequences” – the Public.en

the leader of The UGT does not guarantee that the current solution of government to come to an end. Carlos Silva points to the polls and the municipal elections as the dangers that can shake the current solution of government.

The current solution of government has the conditions to reach the end of the legislature?
The prime minister has given evidence of great strength and great resilience, mainly because it is a skilled politician, when I say skilled, I mean in the sense of the policy in his term, more profound. But it also remains to be seen, before a framework of local elections approaching and in the face of the opinion polls to which we are all subject… sometimes elevate a lot of the polls for the PS can be of little benefit to the parties more to the left, that you may suffer some erosion. This in the coming months will have to be very well matched. But also a lot will depend on how the PCP and the BE positioning themselves in relation to some matters that will need to be addressed in Parliament, including the DPI [of Health] and other issues that come around. Can put on the table the need of the PCP and the BE, once and for all, see if they are, or are not, with the p olicy of the Government that support it.

Agree with anyone who argues that it is time to renew the agreements between the Government and the two political parties of the left?
I Leave to the care of the leaders of HP to make this assessment. Dir-me-á, but it is also a leading member. But as the secretary general of UGT, in this condition, I prefer not to speak to you. Must be the HP the find in their bosom what must be the responsibility of government. The HP has a program of government and the prime minister will attempt to take you through to the end. Know you need support on the left, these supports have failed on the issue of the TSU. If you fail in other times and circumstances important for the governance of the country in the coming months, of course, it is up to the PS and to the Government to withdraw the necessary consequence.

the relationship between the Government and the CFP is not a bit like the relationship between the UGT and the CGTP? At the beginning of his term attempted an approximation to the CGTP, there was a strike joint, but now it seems that they are much further apart than they were in the beginning of the term.
we should say what we think in every moment and in every circumstance. There is convergence when it is necessary to have convergence.

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this is Not the time?
At the end of last week, the mpc decided to raise an appreciation in the [parliamentary] in relation to the granting of the Rails to the city of Lisbon. Not passed by the head, in particular of workers and our organisations, who have supported this process, that this time, after the issue of the TSU, the subject was raised. There are moments, and we are living in a time atypical in the life of the country, in which it is not necessary in the encolhermos and say what we think. There are organizations that think that they have always reason. The Social Dialogue, for example, is a space for sharing opinions and commitment. If someone never signs an agreement on social dialogue, which is the spirit of compromise that is emerging within this organization? If you never sign any commitment, it means that he will never be accused by the workers nor by anyone in this country have taken any decision. The UGT, in the middle of the parliamentary disc ussion, was eventually accused of being the steward or to always be on the side of the bosses, or be on the side of the government, be it the PS or any other.

is Not?
No. We are on the side of the workers, we are next country, because the companies are part of the country and the companies are not the only entrepreneurs. There is a saying, as said by the secretary-general of the CGTP, the entrepreneurs, the employers is that they are our opponents. For we are not adversaries. Can be an add-on. We are in the XXI century, a company is the entrepreneur, are your middle managers and the workers. The workers need jobs. Who is it that gives them employment? It is in this articulation of respect that we are overwhelmed. The October of 1917 has been for almost 100 years, there are ideas that are not lost, but we have to evolve. This is what we advocate in the Social Dialogue, the principle of compromise without giving in to the blackmail.

THE CGTP fell into the temptation of hegemony after this solution government?
At the beginning of this solution asked: so now what is the role of the UGT? It is relegated to a second plan? The Portuguese perceive as well what it is to live constantly in the hustle and bustle and that is what it is to live in need to always make trading. During the last year there have been a few protests, some stability and social peace. Yet as well. There are organizations that do not realize that it is the culture of power. Just know that it is the culture of countervailing power and antipoder. And this is what we are to watch for a bit. Maybe a complex of some organisations, in particular trade-union and political, that having the need to support a party, the PS, which is in the Government, and support the greater part of its governance policies… [This] poses some challenges that are not used. And in this aspect the UGT has always been accustomed to dealing with power , or countervailing power within what is the best form of intervention: mutual respect, sense of commitment and of the negotiations regardless of who governs, be it socialist, social-democrat or christian democrat or any other. It is our way of being.


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