Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Portuguese public debt acquired in January by the ECB reaches a minimum – the Observer

The European Central Bank (ECB) bought it in January 688 million euros in the Portuguese public debt, the lowest value since march of 2015, when we started the program of purchase of assets of the institution.

According to information released this Monday by the ECB, the purchase amount of Portuguese public debt in the framework of the so-called "quantitative easing" came back down, 1,023 million euros in November, to 726 million euros in December, and for 688 million euros in January.

Since the beginning of the program, in march 2015, the ECB has already acquired an amount of 25.298 million euros in assets of the public debt of Portugal.

according To information released this Monday, the central bank purchased 71.362 million euros in public debt in the euro zone in January, with the purchase of these securities represented the largest share of the purchases made by the ECB last month, which amounted to 85.036 million euros.

THE ECB purchased 8.419 million euros through the program of asset purchases of companies (CSPP), bought 4.733 million euros through the purchase programme of covered bonds (CBPP3), and applied 522 million euros in debt instruments securitised (ABSPP) in the month of October.

In December, the financial institution led by Mario Draghi decided to extend until the end of 2017 the programme of purchase of public debt, but with a slowdown in monthly from April (60.000 million of purchases per month, against the 80,000 million earlier).


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