Monday, February 6, 2017

Almost 100 companies have delivered testimony in court against the decree of Trump – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

In recent days, several news reports have been made public where it is known the opposition of several companies, including technology, to decree that prohibits entry into the U.S. citizens of seven countries, mostly muslims. This Sunday, 97 companies have delivered on a court of appeal – the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals – a legal declaration heated where to condemn the decree of anti-immigration signed by Donald Trump on 27 January.

in This statement, writes Bloomberg, is emphasized the importance that immigrants have to the economy and to society. The companies had planned to deliver this statement during the week but efforts were made during the end-of-the-week that have helped to speed up the process, and thus it was possible that the legal affidavit to this entry this Sunday night.

Among the signatories to this statement are technological such as Apple, Airbnb, Facebook, Google, Intel, Netflix, Snap, Zynga and Uber. Still, other companies have signed the document as Levi Strauss and the manufacturer of yoghurt Chobani.

“The immigrants do many of the great discoveries of the Nation and create some of the most innovative and iconic companies of the country”, can be read in the testimony, to advance the Bloomberg. “There is a lot that America has recognized the importance of protecting themselves against those who may do harm. But it has done so while maintaining our fundamental commitment to welcome immigrants – through an increase of the verification of the background and other controls [applied] to people seeking to enter our country.”

last Friday a judge in north-american raised temporarily the ban on the entry of migrants from seven countries, mostly muslims, as well as the interdiction of refugees, which had seen their entry to guests also by presidential decree.

However, the decree of Trump is on the way to the Supreme Court of the United States, which can decide whether the President has the highest authority in matters of immigration.

Jayashri Srikantiah is a professor at Stanford Law School and an expert on immigration issues. The Bloomberg reported that “overturn the decision anger cause great distress and confusion at the borders”. The expert considers that it is “extremely difficult to bet” on who will make the court of appeal. But “no one can imagine the confusion that will be caused if the TRO (temporary restraining order” in Portuguese) is reversed [and that] is something that the court will take into consideration.”

The u.s. administration has asked the Court of Appeal of the United States, in san Francisco, to reject the court order announced on Friday, something that was rejected on Sunday. The State of Washington, and university of Minnesota obtained a court order that restrains the decree of Trump. The States argued that the executive order was harming their residents and companies, including Microsoft and the Clinic Mayo, writes the agency’s financial information.

However, the Attorney General of Hawaii, Doug Chin, filed a motion to join the state of Minnesota and Washington in the lawsuit against the decree of anti-immigration.

The States have until this Monday morning to present their arguments to the court order not to be rejected. The u.s. Department of Justice has until 15:00 hours local, the night in Lisbon. The decision will be known after that.


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