Friday, February 3, 2017

BCP: hard Core controls 42% of the capital – the Public.en

In PUBLIC statements the administrator of the BCP, Miguel Maia recalled that the demand exceeded the offer by more than 20 percent and considered the operation a "huge success, taking into account the negative context macro-economic".

The manager revealed not only "the commitment of Fosun, but also the cohesion and the support of the shareholder of the remaining investors to the BCP": Fosun rose to its presence from 17% to 23.5%, Sonangol has maintained its position at 15%, which happened also with the EDP, now with 2.1%, and the holding of the luso-angolan inter-oceanic with 1.7%.

To Miguel Maia is still of the first capital increase conducted by a european bank since the supervision of the sector (of the banks with dimension systemic) can now be made by the ECB.

The capital increase was fully subscribed, which implies the emission of 14.169 million new shares. The operation turned out to have a membership higher than expected by the bank itself, led by Nuno Amado who had, to caution, granted the underwriting of the shares leftover with a banking syndicate.

according To the information disclosed to the market, in the exercise of the subscription rights were the subject of subscription proportional 13.943.683.125 shares, representing approximately 98,4 % of the total shares to be issued under this offer.

For the apportionment became available 225.682.455 shares and the additional demand exceeded the 3.463.624.516 actions, or may be, exceeded by about 14.3 times the amount available. The demand for total capital, in the amount of eur 1.3 billion, representing approximately eur 122.9% of the amount of the offer.

The new shares, sold 9.4 cents each, will be admitted to trading on the next Thursday (9 February), or approximate date, refers to the communication of the BCP. In the session this Friday, the shares of BCP experienced a strong appreciation, which came to exceed 7%, but then, they were losing part of these gains, closing up 3,90%, for a 0.17 cents.

the closing of the capital increase, the BCP won breath to settle with the State the last tranche of 700 million euros, of bonds of shares convertible (CoCos), which came to a total of three thousand million euros.

Provided that, in 2012, contracted public funding, the BCP has already paid to the Treasury, around a thousand million euros in commissions and interest, which equates to more than 33% of the credit received.

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By abandoning the support of the state, the BCP is free of restrictions related to public support, including the prohibition of distribution of dividends to investors. And leaves also be subject to the obligation of the sale of the operation in Poland, where it controls the Millennium Bank. In addition, you will no longer be subject to the risk of nationalization. by the ECB.


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