Monday, February 6, 2017

BPN Brasil sold for 13 million – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

The Parparticipadas signed on Monday the agreement for the sale of the 93,65% it holds in the owner of BPN Brasil, BPN Participações Brasil, the Crefipar Participações e Empreendimentos, for 13,03 million euros.

The information was given by the company in a statement sent to the Commission for the Securities Market (CMVM) on Monday, February 6.

The value of the sale – which is dependent upon the approval of the brazilian regulatory authority, the Central Bank of Brazil, which previously had voted for the sale of the bank to the BIC, which has as its reference the value of the equity capital on the date of the completion of the operation in addition to a premium (additional value) of 2 million euros.
The transaction may thus occur for a value of 13,03 million euros, since the reference value of the equity capital submitted by the Parparticipadas – on 30 November 2016 – is 11,03 million euros.
“With this transaction, provides continuity to the process of the sale of the shareholdings that were transferred from the Banco Português de Negócios, S. A. to the State in February 2012,” said the statement.

The operation happens about a year after having failed another attempt of sale of the company, this time to the bank BIC (bought in Portugal the retail of low birth weight). The business did not materialize at the time due to lack of authorization of the Central Bank of Brazil, and the sale was re-launched last July.

at The time that it announced the signing of the contract of sale to BIC, in September 2013, the amount advanced was to close to 11 million euros at current price (36,99 million reais), which is similar to the value of the equity now referred to. But the statement at the time did not give the account of goodwill that is now mentioned.

The Parparticipadas is one of the three companies public (the other two are the Parups and the Parvalorem) that ficaran with assets of BPN is not alienated at the time of sale of the bank to the BIC.

Who is the Crefipar

The Crefipar Participações e Empreendimentos was founded in 1972 and is headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil. According to the National Register of the Legal Person, it is a holding of non-financial institutions.

according to the edition March 2016 of IstoÉDinheiro, the Crefipar is the holding company that concentrates the business dthe businessman José Roberto Lamacchia and his wife Leila Mejdalani Pereira, among which the company personal credit Crefisa that grants “loans to pensioners, pensioners and public servants”.

This Crefisa was, in September 2015, and according to the newspaper Economic Value, the ninth largest financial institution in Brazil in terms of profits – accounted for the first half of that year. With 51 years of existence, has more than thousand service points scattered in that country.

According to the municipality of São Paulo the couple he also founded the FAM – the School of the Americas. Lamacchia and Leila Pereira are both currently candidates forthe Advisory Board of the football club of the Palm trees (of the Crefisa is the largest sponsor), whose election is the next day 11.

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