Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Isabel dos Santos sells and delivery BPI by CaixaBank – Diário de Notícias – Lisbon

After Sonangol to be overtaken by the chinese as the largest shareholder of BCP, it’s the turn of Isabel dos Santos out of the BIS.

The majority of the shareholders of reference of the BPI decided to accept the public offer of acquisition (OPA) launched by CaixaBank in this way should be the owner of a minimum of two-thirds of the capital of the bank, since it already holds 45% of the same. This Tuesday ended the period for accepting the TAKEOVER bid and throughout the day some shareholders were revealing their positions, each giving the guy, others preferring anonymity.

Tiago Violas Ferreira, Violas Ferreira Financial, owns 2.8% of the BPI, was the first to signal that he was going to sell the BID. Do not consider that the offer is good, before because you don’t see any better alternative. In statements to the DN/Money Live, the administrator pointed out that his group felt “pushed out” of the BPI, not seeing another alternative to do not be the sale. “There is no alternative to the sale, we were pushed out. There is not any alternative for those who want to stay, the action of the BPI will be left with a liquidity greatly reduced and technically not it will be worth it,” he explained. “We were very mistreated throughout the process,” he said.

in Addition to the Violas Ferreira, also the angolan Santoro, Isabel dos Santos, decided to sell its stake in BPI by CaixaBank, for 306,9 million euros, according to advanced Business Newspaper, without citing sources. The businesswoman held 18.5% of the bank by the that only this slice ensures immediate success of the tender offer. The DN/Cash sought to confirm with the Santoro the intention to sell in the tender offer, but the group chose not to respond. Also, according to the Business, Isabel dos Santos gave also the order to the bank to sell its 2.2% in the BPI to the catalans – the TAKEOVER bid from the Catalan group was only unlocked after the BPI have negotiated the delivery of the control of its largest asset, the Banco Fomento Angola to Unitel, owned by Isabel dos Santos.

in Addition to the shareholders of reference, also several minority have given the order for sale. This afternoon, after the market close, will the tabulation of the result of the tender offer at the special session of the stock exchange, at which time he will know the final position of CaixaBank at BPI.


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