Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Domingues and the team will have to deliver statements of income and other assets – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

The Constitutional Court ruled today, February 1, that the administrators of the GBD will have even apresentr their declarations of income and assets, advance the Service.

The Business, the TC confirmed the meeting this Wednesday and is said to have been a decision, but did not want to anticipate details on the same without first notifying all interested parties.

Remember that on the 23rd October, in his commentary usual in the SIC, Marques Mendes questioned the Government on the regime of privilege in the CGD, which allowed the new administrators have been relieved of the obligations of the scrutiny that they are subject to all other public managers, in particular the delivery of the statement of income in the Constitutional Court, the delivery of the statement on incompatibilities and impediments in the office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic and the delivery of a statement on equity holding in any company and must be sent to the General Inspectorate of Finance.

According to Marques Mendes, of the fact that the managers of the Box are no longer obliged to hand over your income statement to the Constitutional Court was “tragic”. That same Sunday, the militant of the PARTY admitted that it had been “a lapse” and asked that, in this case, it was “fixed”.

The next day, the Ministry of Finance responded, saying that the end of the obligation of delivery of the statement of income “was not lapse. The scrutiny is already done”. The Box “is subject to a set of rules more profound, as are all banks. (…) The leadership of the GBD accountable to the shareholder and to the internal control bodies. They are thus available to disclose such information to the shareholder, ‘ he said at that time official source from the office of Mário Centeno to the Business.

The position of Finance left thus clear that the decision had been deliberate, and allowed us to consider that the Government had not any intention of re-enforce that obligation. “The idea is to CGD to be treated as any other bank. This was the reason for that was removed from the Statute of the Public Manager. Is subject to a set of rules more profound, as are all banks. It makes no sense to be subject to two things”, explained the tutelage.

The judges of the Palace Ratton had already received the declaration of heritage of six former managers of the Box for more than two months. Nine ex-directors objected to the submission of the statements, by which the Constitutional Court had to reach a decision.

This decision was expected at any moment, and today, according to the Express, he was certain: they will have the same of the present.

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