Monday, February 6, 2017

Agreements on the left are “practically exhausted,” says Arménio Carlos, the Public.en

To Arménio Carlos, the appointments “did not consider a series of fundamental issues”.

THE CGTP argues that the agreements between the Government, the PCP and the Left Bloc (BE) are “practically exhausted” and that they are necessary new appointments to the working area, without which “the thing can complicate.”

In an interview with the Journal of Business and the Antenna 1, the secretary-general of the CGTP, Arménio Carlos, said that the signed commitments were minimal, “because it did not consider a series of fundamental issues”.

“at This moment, in which the appointments are practically exhausted in relation to the documents that have been subscribed, we have entered a new phase,” said Arménio Carlos, arguing that the process “must be evolutionary, and seek to go further”.

Asked about advocating the revision of the agreements with the BE and PCP, Armenian, Carlos states that “there is a need is for there to be understanding about matters very concrete so that these matters can be considered, and can evolve.” The secretary-general of the CGTP adds that it is desirable a prior understanding in these matters, stressing that “there is not the part of the Government the sign of a step forward in fundamental subjects”.

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The unionist argues that the time has arrived for the parties to “take the leap” in changing policies, “seeking to respond to what are the needs of the workers and of the population”. “And this can and should be done through a set of measures likely to respond, namely in the area of labour and social. And if we don’t have the answers more clear and unambiguous on the part of the Government, so that to say that things are going to complicate”, it stressed.

On whether to evolve it would be necessary to negotiate other matters and includes them in a new agreement, the trade unionist responded: “it Is a matter reserved to the parties. They will have to decide if you follow this path or not. For us, this way or another, there must be an evolution”.

Already in relation to the replacement of the reduction of the Unique Social tax (TSU) by the reduction of the Special Payment on Account (PEC) and asked about with this alternative to the CGTP signed the social dialogue agreement, Arménio Carlos said that “the real problem is in the content of the agreement and considers this change to “addendum”, while recognizing that it is a measure that “does not compare”.


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