Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ulrich: “Miss I’m not going to have any because I still here” – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

Fernando Ulrich argues that his departure from the presidency the executive of the BPI, and pass-through the president of the board of directors, “it was completely consensual and agreed with Gonzalo Gortázar”, the leader of CaixaBank. And will not miss.

“I Believe strongly that it is the best solution for the bank and for the bank’s customers,” said Ulrich in a press conference after the presentation of the results of the public offer of acquisition (OPA), an operation in which the CaixaBank started to have 84.5% of the BPI.

“THE BPI, from today, is part of the group, CaixaBank. This is of course. Until now, CaixaBank was the largest shareholder. From today, the CaixaBank controls the BPI. There is no doubt about this and I understand that this is a good news for the BPI and for the customers,” said Fernando Ulrich.

According to the manager, who will be “chairman” at the general assembly of 26 April, the day that complete 65 years, “the commissioning of this new phase, which is different from the previous one – and there’s no doubt about it – must be carried in the executive leadership by someone originating from CaixaBank, regardless of nationality, who knows the group, CaixaBank, and that can lead.”

The spaniard Pablo Forero will be the chairman of the executive committee of BPI, a position hitherto occupied by Fernando Ulrich.

“couldn’t be the protagonist of a transposition to the BIS, of all the good the CaixaBank has to give,” said Ulrich, who also advanced the fact that be close to the age of 65 to exit that function.

The chairman of the board, Ulrich shows himself available to do what “the law and the statutes and the regulators want that to be executed by the chairman of the board”, and also what the CaixaBank you want his position. “What will I do will result of the challenges and guidelines that will give me”.

“Miss I’m not going to have any because I still here”, he concluded.


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