Sunday, October 2, 2016

22 municipal companies have had an exemption to the misuse of VAT – Cash

The Inspection-General of Finance has detected the existence of 22 municipal companies that have benefited unduly from an exemption from VAT can only be assigned to the public service of removal of waste. These situations led to that stand-by charge of 2.8 million euros of that tax and have been calculated in the framework of control actions to combat tax evasion and fraud carried out by the Inspection General of Finance (IGF) throughout 2015.

in Addition to the VAT, the IGF also found that had been assigned to the wrong way of the exemption of municipal tax on real estate to 632 buildings affects the local businesses. On the whole, these properties had a taxable value of the order of 132 million euros. Before this value, and the rates of IMI applicable, this oversight body has estimated that the IMI missing has been about about four million euros per year.

The errors fiscal not if they stayed here. Stock control of capital gains are not subject to the IRS (and which are restricted to situations prior to 1 January 1898) made it possible to see that the Tax and Customs Authority’s guard in this chapter. "There were significant deficiencies, and a reduced number of controls inspetivos carried out by the Inspection Tax", says the report of the IGF, adding that, following its audit, "we found evidence of irregularities in the amount of approximately 3.2 million euros".

Another of the strands of the audit covered the debt for municipal and Programmes to Support the Local Economy (or PAEL, a kind of programs of financial adjustment to the municipal level).

Among the detected problems include the systematic practice of blistering in budget revenues, which, alert to the IGF, "allows, artificial, achievement and/or the existence of spending at a level much higher than the capacity of the municipalities to make your payment on time". The accession to the PAEL obliges municipalities to apply the rates by the maximum value, but were found cases of non-compliance at the IMI.


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