Tuesday, October 4, 2016

CDS proposes to credit the “accelerator investment” – Diário de Notícias – Lisbon

tax Credit annual, presented in the context of the State Budget for 2017, was inspired by a measure adopted during a semester in 2013

The tax credit extraordinary of the proposed investment by the CDS-PP will be annual, with the goal of functioning as “an accelerator of the investment” reproductive, inspired by a regime that lasted for half a year in 2013, said today Pedro Mota Soares.

“This tax credit is extraordinary. What we want is that this tax credit will serve as an accelerator of the investment and, therefore, the measure is annual,” said the leader, deputy centrist Pedro Mota Soares.

In a press conference in parliament, accompanied by the leader of the parliamentary, Nuno Magalhães, and the vice-president of the party and member of parliament, Cecilia Meireles, Mota Soares stated that this project, presented in the context of the State Budget (OE) for 2017 is inspired by a measure adopted in 2013.

“as of 2013 was taken only in a semester. We realized that to make the investment it takes some time, some programming,” he argued, stressing that, at the time, the regime “has captured 2500 million euros to the economy” and was approved without any vote against.”

The tax credit “corresponds in practice to a deduction for the collection of the IRC in the amount of 25% of the investment expenditure carried out, to the extent of 75% of that collection,” reads in the project, which also specifies that “eligible investment” may “amount to € 10 million, being deductible to the collection of the IRC for the year, and for an additional period of up to ten years, whenever that might be insufficient”.

according To the project of the centrist, “the companies that adhere to this regime and make the most of this tax credit” may “benefit from an effective rate of corporation tax of just 5%”.

Pedro Mota Soares justified the measure with the fall of the investment: “last year we had an investment growth of about 4.9%, at the moment the investment is to fall by 2.7%”.

“you have to do something very quickly so that the investment does not escape to other places. This is our concern, help the economy in Portugal, to grow, to grow robustly, a sustained and solid for the next few years,” he said.


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