Monday, October 3, 2016

Flag tariff of October will continue – green OlemeJornais

The National Electric Energy Agency announced that the flag fare for the month of October will remain green, or whether, there will be no extra charge to consumers.

The system flags tariff came into effect in January of 2015 to compensate for the low level of the reservoirs of the hydroelectric plants and the cost of activation of thermoelectric plants, whose production is more expensive.

According to the Aneel, October will be the seventh consecutive month with green flag. By means of colors (red, yellow, and green), it signals, in the accounts of light, when the cost of producing energy in the country is higher.

“The main factors that contributed to the maintenance of this color of the flag are: the positive evolution of the rainy season [rainfall] of 2016, which recomposes the reservoirs of the hydroelectric plants; the increase of available energy, reducing demand; and the addition of new plants in the brazilian electric system”. Since the beginning of the period of validity of the system until February of 2016, the flag has remained red, first, with billing of R$ 4,50 for each 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumed and, later, with the red flag level 1, which means an increase of R$ 3,00 per 100 kWh.

The last time that the regime of flags generated additional charge to users was in march of this year.

Even so, the Aneel asks consumers to make the efficient use of electricity and combat wastage. Comments that violate the law, morals and good customs, or violate the rights of third parties may be reported by users and your account may be banned.


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