Monday, October 3, 2016

Mello Saúde invests 15 million in new clinic in Almada, portugal – Diário de Notícias – Lisbon

the Group bought the building of the Institute of Cardiology, Preventive, and will hire 150 professionals to open the drive until the end of the year. Investment in 2016 close to 250 million

the New hospital CUF Viseu and Tejo (Alcantara), expansion of the Findings (Park of the Nations), Cascais and Torres Vedras, the new clinic in São João da Madeira and now one more to be born in Almada. This year alone, between the opening and the improvement of health facilities, the investment of the José de Mello group is already close to 250 million euros. The latest, which will be announced this week, is a new clinic CUF in Almada, which will entail the hiring of more than 150 professionals between doctors, nurses, assistants, technicians and administrative staff – and is the result of an investment of 15 million euros.

the arrival of The CUF Almada “demonstrates the will of José de Mello Saúde continued with its development strategy, which aims to be increasingly more close to the people”, explained to the DN group president, Salvador de Mello. The goal assumed is “to facilitate access to health care of excellence based on a network with an experience of over 70 years,” adds the businessman.

With this unit, which begins operating later this year, the group extends the offer of the network in the region of the great Lisbon area, ensuring the integration of the CUF Almada in the national network of health units of the group – in which we highlight the hospital in Viseu, which opened this summer, and represented an investment of 26 million, and the CUF Tagus, whose works already started (the opening is planned for 2018), with the funding to grow 50%, to 150 million euros. Hospitals, clinics, and the institute, the group already counts with 15 units in the country, two of them in a public-private partnership (see text at left), and employs around eight thousand employees.

The José de Mello Saúde pursues, thus, the strategy of expansion in the national territory announced a year ago, having even exceeded the value of the investment announced in 50 million, after seeing the mid-year results increased by 1.1%, to eur 12.7 million. Positive progress that the group would not be in the “widespread growth of activity, combined with the improvements achieved in the efficiency of the operation.”

Block operative arrives in 2017

To install the new clinic, the José de Mello Health bought the building of the former Institute of Cardiology and Preventive of Almada, in portugal. The CUF Almada “will be equipped with the most modern technology for diagnosis and treatment” and will work in close coordination with the Hospital CUF Infante Santo, in Lisbon. With a the clinical area of 4200 square meters and one hundred parking spaces, it will count with a wide offer outpatient care and consultations of all medical specialities and surgical (including general and family medicine, ophthalmology, orthopedics, dermatology, ent, paediatrics, gynaecology-obstetrics, urology), complementary diagnostic tests, permanent care for adults and children from 08.00 to 24.00.

In the next year, in addition to the opening of the operating theatre, until June, the clinic plans to open units, imaging (magnetic resonance imaging, mammography, CT, ultrasound, RX) and special tests (gastroenterology, gynaecology and urology).


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