Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Police officers, jurists and lawyers “went down fines” – Diário de Notícias – Lisbon

Three detainees and five defendants in searches at IMT, PSP, Authority, Road, and offices of lawyers

Three detainees and five defendants is the balance of the operation of the PSP in the context of an investigation into corruption, active and passive, which led to carrying out searches in the various public bodies in Lisbon, said to the Lusa source of the PSP.

concerned in the investigation of the PSP are crimes of active corruption and passive, illegitimate access, falsehood computing, patronage, denial of justice, and malfeasance.

The 31 searches were carried out at residences, offices of lawyers, facilities and vehicles of the PSP, the facilities of the National Authority for Road Safety (ANSR), the Institute for Mobility and Transport (IMT), Traffic Division of the PSP Lisbon, Department of Financial Management of the PSP and Municipal Police of Lisbon.

According to the office of the Attorney General District of Lisbon, the elements of the traffic division of the PSP, officials and lawyers of the ANSR, the IMT, and the Automobile Club of Portugal and lawyers were engaged, at least since 2015, to identify drivers who had been the target of contraordenações through the improper access to databases in computer systems related to the management of the records — SCOR and FOLLOW.

in return for financial benefit, were obtained favorable rulings for drivers the target of contraordenações mode to eliminate the data from its National Registry of Conductor (RNC) or get the second way of driving licences.

One of the suspects is an employee of the ACP, having the search warrant was executed at his residence and not in the facilities of the Automobile Club of Portugal, which, however, in a press release, states that not conducted any searches at his premises” and that “unaware of any due diligence related to such research.”

The survey investigation is directed by the magistrates of the 9th section of the Department of Investigation and Penal Action (DIAP) in Lisbon, and the operation was performed by PSP in collaboration with the Unit of Telecommunications and Informatics of the Judicial Police.


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