Thursday, October 6, 2016

After all, Germany is targeting the Deutsche along the U.S. – TVI24

The fine historical of € 12.5 billion that the United States intend to apply to the Deutsche Bank, has caused a collapse of the bank in the stock market and a series of speculations. Among them, that the bank would have asked the Government for help. the Both parties denied – the request and any intervention -but in the end have there been contacts with Washington on the part of the Executive, Angela Merkel.

The news agency Reuters quotes members of the German Government, who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity, and who admitted that they were that there were “contacts at all levels” between the German authorities and american. Expect, therefore, to achieve more quickly an agreement to give time to the Deutsche Bank to recover the carnage in the markets.

Another source said that there is not any plan on the part of the minister of Finance, Wolfgang Schaeuble, to meet with the responsible of the Department of Justice of the United States during a trip to Washington this week, in the framework of the meetings of the International Monetary Fund But this does not mean that there are no contacts between Berlin and Washington: “You can keep conversations. And you need not be a minister for this,” said the same source.

The fine is about the crisis of the suppresses, in 2008, by the fact that the bank have provided loans for real estate of high risk without the knowledge of the customers. And it is a blunt financial very large, even for one that is the largest German bank and one of the main world.

So much the penalty as the speculation that followed have made sound alarms in the markets, which began to fear earthquake banking. It is already known that in the banking sector, mainly, the infection is easy to happen. So much so that several investment funds have started to reduce their exposure to the bank.

The president of the Deutsche tried to pass a message of reassurance to the workers, to whom you sent a letter. Ensured that the institution remains robust and that the loss due to this leak that was reported is small.

it Has also had that will be able to solve the problem with the US authorities by their own means.

The fears around the Deutsche may represent the beginning of a new phase. “All over the world know the meaning of the bank”, he noted to the same agency a third source. This after the first have argued that the ideal solution for Germany, in the long term, would a merger between Deutsche and its rival domestic Commerzbank.

This will be accounts of another rosary. For now, we need to convince the U.S. to apply a penalty kind.


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