Thursday, October 6, 2016

The sun and the views will pay 10% more in the IMI – Observer

A good exposure to the sun or a great view can mean, on average, more than 10% in municipal property tax (IMI). The estimate is from the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities (ANMP) and is quoted on Thursday by the Morning Mail.

An increase in the tax due to the sun and views, whose weight in the calculation of the taxable value was reinforced by the Government in August, may have "an appreciable impact and relevant in the IMI" and may generate situations of injustice of the tax, says Manuel Machado, president of the ANMP.

The changes will cause a worsening of the IMI that is contrary to the position of the majority of municipalities. "The general feeling of the local authorities is that [the increase of IMI through these changes] not only brings advantages," says the leader of the ANMP.

The study was sent to the Government and the ANMP is to prepare a proposal with changes to present. To the president of the ANMP, "there must be a weighting of the various legitimate interests at stake", because the same organization was not heard about the changes introduced by the executive António Costa in August.


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