Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Government ensures security of the airport and air transport – Cash

The minister for Planning and Infrastructure has ensured that today there is security at the Lisbon airport and air transport, responding to statements of the director of the Office of Prevention and Aircraft Accidents (GPIAA).

The responsible party has warned that the entity could not fulfill their mission if they are not resolved the financial difficulties and asked for creation of a fee of 20 cents per airplane ticket to resolve the problem.

"The Government is extremely gratified with the safety levels of airport capacity and air transport," said Pedro Marques, adding that "more than discuss the new rate, the important thing is to know" that the GPIAA, and the National Authority of Civil Aviation have developed "a very large set of investments" in recent years.

"we Have security in our air transportation," he stressed.

"there is no reason for doubt about the capacity of prevention and safety in our airports. We don’t need this kind of fears because they are not founded," said the minister, with the secretary of State of Infrastructure, Guilherme W. d’oliveira Martins, to reinforce that "there is no reason for alarm."


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